It’s Summertime in America! Uses for Peak PTT Two Way Radios

With summer in full swing, many seasonal jobs are ramping up, and other year-round businesses are reaching their peak time. Regardless of what the summertime job is, there is one thing that all of them have in common: the need for seamless communication.

Any job that has employees working together in any capacity requires good communication for successful and safe working environments. Without readily available and fast communication options, employees are unable to perform their jobs properly, send messages, and get help when needed. Therefore, with summer in America in mind, we’ve created a round-up blog post that addresses various summer jobs where Peak PTT two way radios can facilitate the best communication.

Summer camp is a classic American summer activity that involves large groups of children and camp counselors working with each other and other staff members to provide a safe and fun environment for children. Whether you’re just carrying out a fun field day or an allergic camper is unaccounted for, communication is the key to success.

Learn more about how Peak PTT two way radios can help staff at summer camp here.

Lifeguarding is another seasonal job that is necessary for people to enjoy the beach safely on sunny summer days. Lifeguards need to be able to communicate with one another to alert each other about dangers in the water, people violating beach rules, or someone drowning in the pool or body of water. Peak PTT two way radios have waterproof and sandproof models that are perfect for lifeguards and allow communication at the push of a button.

Festivals are a fun summer activity. However, they involve large groups of people. Reliable radios are imperative for staff to use at festivals to facilitate good communication and quickly relate clear messages to other staff.

Learn about all the ways Peak PTT radios can help at festivals here.

Who doesn’t love a good parade? Due to the nature of parades involving so many moving pieces and spread over such a large area, reliable, long-distance communication devices like Peak PTT radios are a must-have for any parade staff.

Here you can find some more reasons you should use Peak PTT radios for your parade.

Greenhouses and landscape companies see their peak during the summer months, and both of them can greatly benefit from using Peak PTT radios. Peak PTT radios come with water and matter durability ratings. Therefore, you can pick radios that will stand up to the elements in the greenhouse or out on worksites.

Road repairs, car wash businesses, fire fighting, waterparks, and fireworks also all see their peaks during the summer months. If you work for, own, or organize any of these businesses or events, you should consider using Peak PTT radios as your go-to communication device.

Whatever your summer activity or job is, Peak PTT two way radios can help. Check out our website to learn more.