Push to Talk Two Way Radios for Summer Camps

Push To Talk For Summer Camps

Summer camps are something teenage memories are made of. For those who operate the summer camps, though, they represent a mountain of risks and rewards too large larger than Mt. Rushmore. What you may not know, though, is the push to talk two way radios can help mitigate many of those risks so that you can focus on the many rewards that come from safe, successful summer camp seasons. These are just a few ways push to talk two way radios can help your summer camp sparkle and shine this summer.

Who Needs Access to Two Way Radios?

Among your summer camp staff, there are a few key personnel who need continuous access to communication that two-way radios offer. They include:

  • Summer camp counselors
  • Campsite leader
  • Summer camp program assistants
  • Summer camp instructors
  • Summer camp lifeguards
  • Summer camp nursing/medical staff
  • Summer camp food and nutrition managers

These are the people who need to be able to send and receive messages at a moment’s (or less in some cases) so they can create memorable experiences for the people they are charged with safeguarding, feeding, entertaining, and teaching throughout the course of a summer.

Key Features Needed for Two-Way Radios used at Summer Camps

Summer camp staff members need push to talk two way radios they can rely on to communicate effectively when they need it most. These are some of the key features to look for when choosing two-way radios for your summer camp staff.

  • Waterproof. This is essential for all summer camp positions as there is often water involved and any member of your team must be prepared to dive in without hesitation when a camper’s life and/or safety is at risk. They must also be rated to withstand wind and rain, which can also be uncomfortably persistent during some summer camp events.
  • Durable. Summer camp is a time when the unexpected is largely expected. Plan for that with radios that are built to take a few hard knocks and still operate flawlessly. Ruggedized radios are often the way to go as they are rated well for bumps and bruises and often have high tolerances for water as well.
  • Voice enhancement. There is always noise at summer camp. Even in the wee hours of morning campers are whispering and giggling in their bunks. Effective two-way radios for summer camps operate voice enhancing features that mute background noises for crystal clear communication.

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