Best School Two-Way Radio Solution: PeakPTT K2 Platform

Having access to clear, instant communication is important at every school. You don’t want to have to rely on the P.A. system every time a teacher or staff member needs to be reached, and sometimes outdoor activities even prevent that. Furthermore, cell phones can be distracting, turned off, or easily ignored, and cell reception isn’t reliable, plus they require that every teacher or staff member has everyone’s contact information on their phone.

A popular solution to school communication problems uses push-to-talk two-way radios. They allow instant communication between staff members at the push of a button. Plus, they provide multiple channels and long-distance communication. So what’s the best two-way radio for schools? In this blog post, we will discuss why the Peak PTT K2 platform is the best option for every school.

Peak PTT K2 Platform

Communication is imperative for all schools. Whether there are questions for administration, health problems, supply issues, missing children, or security issues, oftentimes, reliable, instant communication is the best solution.

Peak PTT offers the K2 platform that is ideal for any school. It includes a range of options for choosing a high-quality push-to-talk two-way radio that suits your school and staff’s needs. Each type of radio comes with different features and durability so you can choose the right one, although we should note that they are all great radios.

Check out the options for the K2 push-to-talk system here.

Once you pick out the radios you want to use for the K2 platform, you can choose how many radios you need. Most K2 radios are priced at $299 each for a one-time purchase. Then each radio you buy comes with a monthly service plan of $24.95 and $12 monthly for each dispatch seat (optional).


You can purchase as few as two radios and add on as many as you like. For example, if you’re just outfitting custodians, a few administrators, and department heads with radios, you may only need 20 radios. Therefore, your pricing would be the following:

$229 x 20 radios = $4,580 (one-time purchase for radios)

$24.95 x 20 = $499 (monthly subscription cost)

$12 (optional PC dispatch software license)

Total monthly cost with one dispatch seat: $511

After the first one-time purchase of radios for $4,580, your monthly payment in this example would be $511. For the benefits that you would get from using these high-quality communication devices, it is well worth the cost.