Push to Talk (PTT) Communication for Firefighters

Firefighters have dangerous jobs that are often made more dangerous by communication challenges and obstacles.These hurdles often slow progress, especially when dealing with major fires and coordinating tactics between multiple firehouses or “hotshot” teams who battle massive wildfires.

Push to talk (PTT) communication hybrid radios helps to erase many of the communication barriers leveraging existing Land Mobile Radio frequencies & cellular/wifi data networks.  PTT communication can bridge the gap making communication easier than ever.

These are just a few benefits Hybrid PTT two-way radios and platform have to offer firefighters.

  • Panic Button: This is one of the most critical elements of communication for firefighters. Not only does it allow firefighters in an emergency situation to relay their information and signal their distress instantly, it also provides GPS coordinates and sends the message out to everyone at once so there is no need to relay the message wasting precious time and resources. With traditional two-way radios, mayday or SOS signals sent by trapped firefighters are often missed if other firefighters are communicating via radio at the same time. With PTT, the mayday calls come through and vital emergency messages aren’t missed.
  • GPS Locating: Another invaluable benefit is that you can locate individual radios on your map, so you know where all your firefighters are at any given time. This makes coordinating efforts to battle large blazes a much simpler proposition.
  • Crystal Clear Redundant Communication:   Sometimes traditional Land Mobile Radios fail.  Many times radio reception inside of buildings can be garbled.  While, a PTT data driven device will work perfectly fine.  Using a combination LMR/PTT solution allows for virtually no dead spots and actually complement each other.

Firefighting is a challenging profession in the best of situations. The brave men and women who follow this calling place their lives at risk every day. And, due to factors like:

  • Warmer temperatures in the summer
  • Drier conditions providing more fuel for fires
  • Lengthening fire risk season due to climate change

all increase the chances of a fire starting and a burning fire to spread in today’s world. In fact, several studies link increased wildfires to climate change.

For mission critical applications using a hybrid 2-way radio gives you the best of both worlds.  At Peak PTT, we are always looking at ways to improve and enhance our product offerings, we will be introducing a hybrid LMR/PTT radio in the not to distance future, and will conduct testing to see if it is a viable product to add to our line-up.

Shoot us an email – if this type of hybrid radio “Peaks” your interests you – info@peakptt.com

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