Push to Talk Two Way Radios for Car Wash Businesses

Almost every business in operation today requires outstanding tools to facilitate communication. The same holds true when it comes to car wash businesses. Unfortunately, the average cell phone, even those with some degree of water resistance, cannot stand up to regular use by car wash employees.

Push to talk two-way radios, though, make outstanding choices for car wash attendees and other staff to use, when you choose the right radio to meet their needs. These are just some of the reasons PTT two-way radios are more effective communication tools for car wash businesses of all shapes and sizes.

Some Radios are Essentially Waterproof

While some mobile phones claim the same thing, real world tests reveal that most do not quite match the water resistance of appropriately rated two-way radios. You can tell which radios are best suited for use in car washes by comparing the IP rating.

An IP rating is a two-digit code indicating the resistance radios have to solids and liquid. The first digit in the number is for protection against solids while the second number represents the water resistance. The higher those two numbers are, the greater the protection it offers against these things. That means if you have a high IP rating, your phone is practically waterproof – unlike most mobile phones on the market. Perfect for a car wash.

Superior Sound Quality

The modern two-way radio is a digital radio that has built-in equipment that helps to diminish the sounds going on around you while enhancing the voice quality for better sound clarity. Since car washes are so loud with water spraying, radios blaring, and rollers whirring; this is a critical feature for business managers seeking to get critical messages out to the members of your team. It also makes it easier than ever to relay important details about accidents or injuries that happen during any given shift.

Long Battery Life

Whether your team uses batteries that have extra-long life for the long hot days of summer or you’re using standard long-life batteries and changing them during the shift, the longer the life of the battery, the greater its usefulness to the men and women on your team. Consider investing in longer-life batteries as an upgrade for your two-way radio to make it an even more effective communication tool all season long.

Peak PTT understands that your car wash business has unique and specific communications needs. We’re here to help you find the best communications tools to help you bring your business into the year ahead and many more.

Contact us today by calling 855-600-6161 to learn more about how Peak PTT two-way radios can help improve the efficiency of your car wash business.


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