Push to Talk for Outdoor and Indoor Waterpark Management

Saturday, July 27th was National Waterpark Day. (Who knew there was such a day?). While many waterparks throughout the company remain open only during the summer months, some located elsewhere in the country (hint Florida -Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon, Blizzard Beach and Volcano Bay as examples) are open all year round.

And, there are countless more indoor waterparks operating throughout the year, including Great Wolf Lodge, which boasts 17 locations in Canada and the U.S., and 2,600 employees, with more in the works.

Waterparks are a ton of fun for those who visit. They are also a great deal of work for the employees who toil tirelessly to keep the park operating smoothly and protect its guests.

One thing that could assist in the management process is push to talk (PTT) for waterparks. These are just a few of the ways, PTT for waterparks is an outstanding investment for your organization.

Keep All Employees on the Same Page

Push to talk allows you the convenience of sending out organization-wide messages and alerts, individual communications, or you can single out departments to address with messages, such as:

  • Aquatics and safety management and staff
  • Waterpark ride and slide attendants
  • Security personnel
  • Lifeguards
  • Waterpark maintenance staff
  • Concession workers
  • Custodians and janitorial staff
  • Aquatics technicians

It’s a simple matter to set up groups with Peak PTT and you can have an unlimited number of groups as part of your service, allowing you to communicate effectively with all the people under your management at the waterpark.

Why is Communication so Critical?

Because waterparks are such large enterprises that accommodate so many people on any given day, communication is essential for not only keeping your staff informed of what’s going on for the day, but also in relaying critical information as it happens. The fact that PTT communication is instantaneous means when emergencies arise, the right people get the message.

When you consider the security risks, accidents, and sudden illnesses that effect waterparks, instant access to the right kind of help can be critical. Think of all the things that can happen on any given day that require immediate emergency responses:

  • Weather-related issues and emergencies
  • Drownings
  • Sun sickness
  • Heart attacks
  • Acute sunburns
  • Terror attacks
  • Ride malfunctions
  • Ride accidents
  • Security alerts

While some of these represent worst-case scenarios, we hope never occur, the ability to instantly access the right people is critical if they ever do take place.

Why Push to Talk (PTT) Two-Way Radios?

Now that you understand why communication is so critical for your waterpark, it’s a good idea to explore why push to talk walkie talkies are the way to go.

Aside from offering instant communication with your entire organization, specific groups, or individuals within your organization, push to talk through Peak PTT offers GPS location tracking, and area-wide coverage.

This is essential since most waterparks occupy a large amount of real estate that may be too large for the average two-way radio to cover effectively. One Great Wolf Lodge in Southern California for example, covers 105,000 square feet. And, with an IP rating of 66/67, your waterpark workers use two-way radios that have protection against powerful water jets from all directions and protection against water immersion.

Still wondering how push to talk communication can benefit your waterpark? Contact Peak PTT today to learn more about our products and how they can help you communicate more efficiently allowing you to manage your outdoor waterpark staff more effectively. Give us a call at 855-600-6161 or place an order online.

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