What are PTT IP Radio Ratings?

Push to talk radios are expected to not only function, but to perform admirably, in a variety of conditions. In some industries, that means these radios must perform with exposure to wind, rain, dark of night, and driving snow, depending on the location and the season, course.

IP ratings for PTT radios often serve as representations of the ruggedness or durability of PTT radios when exposed to certain environmental factors.

What Does IP Stand for?

An IP rating for two way radios stands for Ingress Protection. Ultimately, this rating reveals the amount of particle and water resistance a device has. It is usually indicated by the letters “IP” immediately followed by two digits.

  • The First IP Digit: Indicates the protection against solids. This includes things like pebbles, rocks, dust, etc.
  • The Second IP Digit: Indicates the radio’s water resistance. So, this includes, for examples, rain and water immersion.

Solids ratings begin with the first digit of zero, indicating no protection from solids.  They top off at six for the second digit, which indicates that the device offers complete protection against contact and that even particles of dust are prevented from penetrating the radio.

Water ratings also begin with zero, which indicates there is no protection from water. However, these ratings go up eight instead of six. A water rating of eight indicates the radio is capable of total immersion beyond one meter of depth under conditions the manufacturer of the radio specifies.


  • IP68, for instances, represents the highest standards of protection against solids and water.
  • IP00, on the other hand, means there is no protection for either.

You want each number to be close to the high end than the low end of the spectrum to ensure maximum protection for your gear. However, it is not necessary, in many fields to have maximum protection from water and particles.

Peak PTT Radios

  • The Peak PTT-84G push to talk over cellular radio, for instance, offers a perfectly solid and respectable IP rating of 54, indicating it is protected from limited dust penetration and from water spray coming from any directions.
  • The PTT-584G Dedicated Push To Talk Rugged Handset has an impressive IP67 rating. It is waterproof rated to 3.3′ feet immersion for 30 minutes.

Choosing an IP Rating / What Do IP Ratings Mean for You?

For your business, you must choose the ratings that will affect your business most. If your men and women are frequently working in in the field in outdoor rainy conditions or risk dropping their radios in bodies of water frequently, you’d want a higher rating when it comes to protection from water.

If you work in desert environments where sandstorms occur, or particles may be blown into your radio causing problems when working in construction zones, you may wish to have greater protection from solids.

If these types of events are unlikely or if you employees are mostly working inside their transportation vehicles, then an average IP rating may suffice.

Choosing the right IP rating means you’re able to maintain your ability to communicate no matter what Mother Nature or mankind throws your way.

Contact Peak PTT today to learn more about how IP ratings affect your communication and which one is best for your business demands. Call us at 855-600-6161 or email us  info@peakptt.com.

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