PTT Two-Way Radios for Job Fairs

It’s easy to see that hiring is on the rise, with “now hiring” signs posted on practically every other store window along with countless company websites. Job fairs have become quite common, and are very important for employers of all kinds looking to hire new employees, especially now.

However, multi-employer career fairs can be difficult to plan and keep running smoothly. Job fairs have many moving parts and people involved, so without proper preparation, they can become disorganized and even chaotic.

One easy way to prevent your job fair from getting out of control is by using push-to-talk (PTT) two-way radios for job fairs. The next time you are event planning for an upcoming job fair, consider using Peak PTT two-way radios for a much more seamless, organized, and connected job fair.

Group, Individual, and Long-range Communication

What’s the biggest benefit of using Peak’s PTT two-way radio? It’s of course, the ease of communication! PTT two-way radios allow you to communicate to a large group of people simultaneously and instantaneously, so you can quickly get your message out to everyone involved. This prevents any time-consuming headache from happening like phone tag, making events run much more smoothly and flawlessly.

Also, long-range communication is essential if your job fair is taking place in a large, open area or in a large building where communication can be poor. Plus, if your job fair is in an area with little cellular connection, calling or texting might be completely useless.

Ease of Use and Sound Quality

Modern PTT radios have features that provide clear sound quality in a variety of environments by reducing background noise so that all parties using the radio can speak and be heard clearly.

PTT radios are also very easy to use (how to use them is literally in the name “push-to-talk”), and they provide instant contact, so you don’t have to wait for a message to send or be opened by the receiving party like on a cell phone.


Another great benefit to two-way radios is their resilience to damage and wear. Since they are rugged, Peak PTT two-way radios can be dropped, knocked around, and rained on, but still facilitate clear communication.

Practical Accessories

 Two-way radios have available accessories that make them easy and effective in a range of environments. These accessories include backup batteries, charging stations, mics, headphones. Backup batteries and charging stations ensure that anyone always has access to a charge for their radio, while mics and headphones make it much easier to speak and hear the communication in a busy, noisy environment.

So if you are in the job fair event planning stage, check out Peak PTT two-way radios if you want the best radios any business can offer.