What GPS Tracking Benefits are Included with Peak Push to Talk PTT

GPS is a vital safety feature that is often overlooked and undervalued. When you’re exploring your business communications options and have workers in the field, you can’t afford to overlook the potential value of GPS tracking and what they can mean for your business.

GPS Tracking Benefits for Peak PTT Customers

Peak Push to Talk radios offers many GPS tracking benefits worth considering as you choose communication and location options for your businesses. These are some of the GPS tracking benefits you’ll enjoy with Peak PTT.

  • The Exclusive Peak PTT GPS Tracking Portal. A service not available with any other PTT or GPS services.
  • Device locations updated every 60 seconds within the portal.
  • Tracking device locations for previous 90 days.
  • Ability to establish geo-fences with alerts via text or emails.
  • Instant location tracking of employees at all times.
  • Panic button. Available with the Peak PTT-84G radio, it sends out SOS alerts and messages alerting dispatch of location as well as the signal message to facilitate rapid responses to emergencies and crisis situations.

As you can see, Peak PTT overs a robust suite of GPS location features, allowing you to protect the safety of your crew in the field and to ensure that every member of your team is where he or she is supposed to be.

With text alerts for people operating outside of prescribed parameters, you can query instantly to find out what is going on and if action needs to be taken to assist in emergencies or discipline wayward field personnel.

What Industries Need PTT with GPS Tracking

While there are some industries that might not rely on GPS location abilities as much as others, there are some industries in which the ability to locate personnel on-the-go can be instrumental, including the following industries:

  • Utility services
  • Local delivery businesses
  • Catering companies
  • Medical and ambulance services
  • Safety organizations
  • Security services
  • Event organization, planning, etc.
  • Healthcare organizations
  • Any many others.

If you have people in the field, or out of sight, then GPS tracking can be instrumental in helping you understand the location of your people, so you can quickly respond to emergencies or identify the best person to respond to issues that arise in your workdays.

With GPS tracking on Peak PTT radios, you can view radio locations as they update every 60 seconds from within the web-based tracking portal. You’ll also be able to see where your radios have been over the last 90 days. If you when your radios enter/exit locations you specify on a map, you can set geo-fences and get E-mail and SMS alerts.

Two-way radio communication via push to talk or POC (push to talk over cellular) can be a real boon for businesses across all industries. The GPS location features these radios bring into the picture only makes it a better choice for business.

Take a look at PTT-584G Dedicated Push To Talk Rugged Handset on the Everest Platform (ideal for middle-market and larger organizations) and PTT-84G PTT Over Cellular Radio (perfect for ideal solution for small and medium-sized businesses). Both come with GPS tracking to manage your workforce like you’ve never done before.

Reach out to us at 1-855-600-6161 or via email at info@peakptt.com if you have any questions about GPS tracking benefits included with Peak PTT radios.