Push to Talk Radios for Farm Crop Harvesting

Whether you own a small farm employing a few select hands to help you through the busy harvest season or you own a large conglomerate farm with a large staff throughout the year, communication is critical for making it through the crop harvesting process each year.

Push to talk radios for agriculture harvesting can be critical tools for aiding in the process. These are just a few ways they can be lend you another helping hand.

Send and Receive Status Reports from the Fields

Odds are good that you have different people working in different fields and one person who manages them all, lending support where needed, bringing supplies, and fulfilling a variety of other essential tasks on your farm. Push to talk radios allow everyone to send status reports about progress, delays, needs, and more along the way so the person handling the overflow can manage how he or she goes about taking care of the people working in various fields.

Relay Important Weather and Safety Information

There are all kinds of problems that can arise on a farm, and two-way radios allow you to send organization-wide messages to let everyone know what’s going on. This can include snake or other dangerous animal sightings, weather emergencies, and other vital information that helps you keep your people safer while working for you and to aid in the harvest process.

Emergency/SOS Panic Button Capabilities

Peak PTT two-way radios come equipped with panic buttons that allow you to send emergency signals when workers are injured, have medical emergencies, or have other safety concerns while in the field. These radios are equipped with GPS tracking features too allowing you to respond quickly to your worker’s precise location to render aid.

Allows Workers to Report Equipment Breakdowns and Other Challenges

Equipment breaks down. Cows or other critters get into the fields. Some areas face the risks of flooding. Each of these situations require assistance that might otherwise require workers leaving the field to find aid to receive — unless you equip your workers with two-way radios that allow them to send a request for help in an instant with the push of a single button. It can transform your harvest efforts and keep your farm operating with greater efficiency all year long.

Having push to talk capabilities can greatly improve communication on your farm during harvest and throughout the growing season. And because Peak PTT has Nationwide 4G/3G coverage, farms in rural America can benefit from this trending communication technology. Of course, you’ll need durable two-way radios to get started and the right software to handle dispatch responsibilities.

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