Push-to-Talk Two Way Radio Care and Handling

Push-to-Talk (PTT) two way radios provide an ideal communications tool for most businesses. In certain industries, this means they must perform with exposure to rain, wind, driving snow and dark of night, depending on the season and location.

IP ratings for PTT two way radios work as representations of the PTT radios’ durability and ruggedness when exposed to specific environmental factors. For example, the Peak PTT-84G provides a respectable and solid IP rating of 54 which indicates it’s protected from water spray and limited dust penetration coming from any direction.

But, like with other tools, they’ll only function properly when you maintain them properly.  To ensure you keep them in good working order, you should follow the maintenance tips below.

Instructions For Handling and Caring for your PTT Two Way Radios

  1. Inspect and Change the Batteries Regularly

When you change the batteries, it doesn’t just ensure your PTT two way radios have sufficient power, it also keeps them from being damaged by older batteries that could leak and corrode the devices’ terminals.

You’ll also want to ensure you don’t expose the batteries to water. If there is water exposure, remove the battery and let it and the radio to totally dry before you reinsert the battery. Even though Peak PTT radios are resistant to water, you should still avoid any unnecessary water exposure to help extend the usefulness and life of the batteries.

  1. Keep the Ventilation Spaces Clear

Your PTT radios will probably have small vents which enable air and heat to exit the device’s internal structure. This is designed for keeping the device’s electronic components from overheating. Therefore, it’s essential you keep the vents clear of any obstructions like debris or pocket lint.

  1. Don’t Drop the Radio

While it might seem like a no-brainer, do your best to avoid dropping the radio. If you drop it, it could easily lead to internal damage. And, it can be costly to repair.

  1. Store the Device Safely

Invest in a small carrying case or holster to help prevent the two way radios from becoming damaged if you drop them or if they make other hard surface contact. Also, when you’re not using the radios, store them in a cabinet or another place that will help to keep them safe from becoming damaged.

  1. Clean the PTT Two Way Radios

Most radios have small vents which include accessory jacks. Try keeping dust, water and dirt out of their entryways. When you clean the radios, don’t use any cleaning liquids or sprays. You only need to wipe them down. When you’re not using the radios, store them in a dry area kept at room temperature. Keep them out of direct sunlight too.

  1. Go Over the Owner’s Manual

You’ll gain a lot of advice from the owner’s manual about how to properly care for the radios. You should also have a troubleshooting guide that will help you figure out problems when things go wrong.

Most PTT two way radio users are looking to maximize their radios’ lifespan. Following the above recommended maintenance and care tips for these devices will help keep them in good condition so they’ll last a long time.