What is the Range of PeakPTT Two-Way Radios?


Reliable communication is a vital part of every business. Communication happens on all levels of business. This includes communication between coworkers, managers and subordinates, and employees and customers. When communication suffers, so does your business.

Some businesses use cellphones or walkie-talkies to communicate, but as we’ll see these aren’t always long-range or effective. Luckily, PeakPTT provides an effective solution to long-range communication, no matter where you are. Below, we’ll dive into why long range communication is vital and explain the range of PeakPTT radios.

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What are the Best Push to Talk Two-Way Radios for Golf Course Management?

Radios on a golf course are essential for reliable communication. Golf courses are busy places, and keeping track of everything that is happening on the course can be challenging. With PTT two-way radios, staff members can communicate with each other instantly, whether they are in the clubhouse, on the driving range, or out on the course. This can help with everything from coordinating tee times to ensuring that everyone is on the same page when it comes to maintenance and landscaping.

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Push to Talk Two-Way Radios for Summer Camps

Summer camps are an exciting time for kids to have fun, learn new skills, and make friends. However, running a summer camp can be a challenging task for staff members who need to ensure the safety and security of campers while maintaining effective communication among staff. Push-to-talk two-way radios are a reliable and efficient communication tool that can benefit summer camp staff in several ways.

Instant Communication

Two-way radios allow summer camp staff to communicate with each other instantly. Unlike cell phones, two-way radios don’t require dialing a number or waiting for a connection. With the push of a button, staff members can communicate with each other and address any issues that may arise. This quick communication can help staff members respond promptly to emergency situations and coordinate activities effectively.

Coverage Area

Summer camps are typically situated in large outdoor areas with limited cellular coverage. Push-to-talk two-way radios can transmit signals across a broader range than traditional cellular devices and won’t hit a dead zone. This makes it easier for staff members to communicate in remote areas of the camp where cellular coverage is limited or non-existent. Two-way radios can also be used to communicate with staff members located in different areas of the camp, which can help them coordinate activities more efficiently.


Summer camps are full of outdoor activities, and the equipment used must be durable enough to withstand the various outdoor environments. Peak PTT two-way radios are designed to be rugged and can handle the wear and tear of outdoor use. They are built to resist water, dust, and impact, making them ideal for summer camps. Staff members can use two-way radios throughout the day without worrying about damaging them.

Peak PTT offers several rugged radios that are built to withstand dust and water like the PTT-584G, which has an IP rating of 67.

Hands-Free Communication

Push-to-talk two-way radios can be used hands-free with the help of earpieces or headsets. This allows staff members to communicate without having to hold the radio, which can be convenient when engaging in outdoor activities. It also frees up their hands to carry equipment or assist campers, making it easier to multitask.

Emergency Response

In case of an emergency, push-to-talk two-way radios can be invaluable. Staff members can quickly call for help and coordinate a response. With an included panic button, two-way radios can be used to alert other staff members of the emergency and direct them to the location where help is needed. This can help staff members respond to emergencies more efficiently and effectively.

Furthermore, Peak PTT two-radios come with a GPS tracking feature, so if a staff member gets lost or is trying to track a camper, they can easily be located.


Push to talk two-way radios are an excellent communication tool for summer camps. They offer instant communication, broader coverage, durability, hands-free communication, and emergency response capabilities. With push-to-talk two-way radios, summer camp staff members can stay connected, coordinate activities, and respond to emergencies quickly and efficiently.

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PeakPTT for PTToC Radios Network Redundancy Solutions In 2023

LTE cellular towers, used with PeakPTT radios

Customers seeking enhanced network reliability for Push To Talk Over Cellular (PTToC) Radios can effectively minimize their concerns by incorporating a Multi-Network Sim Card into their setup.

Multi-network connectivity signifies the ability of a PTToC radio (equipped with a cellular LTE modem) to maintain connections with multiple networks, such as AT&T and T-Mobile. This feature is paramount for devices requiring uninterrupted internet access, such as IoT devices, or users needing a steady and dependable connection.

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Clear Communication Tips on Push to Talk Two Way Radios

Push-to-talk two-way radios are essential communication tools used by many industries, from construction and manufacturing to hospitality and healthcare and much more. These radios are designed to provide instant communication, allowing teams to stay connected and work together more efficiently.

However, clear communication can sometimes be a challenge, especially in noisy or crowded environments. In this blog post, we’ll go over some tips to using push-to-talk two-way to ensure clear communication.

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Push to Talk Two Way Radios for Farming

Farming is a vital industry that requires constant communication and coordination between various teams and individuals. Farmers need to stay connected with their workers, suppliers, and equipment operators to ensure smooth and efficient operations.

Push-to-talk two-way radios have emerged as a popular communication solution for farmers looking to enhance their communication capabilities. In this blog post, we will explore how push-to-talk two-way radios can benefit farmers and why they should consider using them.

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Push-to-Talk Two-Way Radio Battery Tips and Tricks

Push-to-talk two-way radios are essential communication tools for many industries. They offer instant communication and improve team coordination and safety. However, the effectiveness of these radios depends largely on the battery life. A dead battery can compromise communication and put workers in danger and lower productivity. Therefore, it’s crucial to take care of your radio battery and extend its life. Here are some tips and tricks to help you do just that.

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