How PTT Two-Way Radios Protect Your Lone Workers

A lone worker is someone who works mostly by themselves during the work day without close physical contact with other coworkers or supervisors. Lone workers can work either on the same premises as other workers or from a fixed base.

Lone workers may include:

  • Construction workers
  • Contractors
  • Technicians
  • Drivers

Regardless of the position, lone workers are frequently at risk of injury. While some jobs are best done alone, it’s the responsibility of the employer to ensure that all lone workers are protected and not left without a reliable method to get help in the case of an accident.

This is where Peak push-to-talk (PTT) two-way radios come in. Peak PTT two-way radios can drastically improve the safety of lone workers and ensure they’re never left without a means of communication.

Long Distance Communication

Radio range is vital when it comes to communication. If lone workers are far away off-site, they need to know that they’ll be able to communicate, regardless of the distance.

Walkie-talkies won’t cut it, but with Peak PTT two-way radios, you’ll have a virtually unlimited range that utilizes existing LTE data networks and WiFi.

Clear Communication

Loud equipment, high winds, and other sources of loud noise can hinder workers’ abilities to send and receive clear messages, resulting in miscommunication. At Peak PTT, all of our radios utilize noise-canceling technology and deliver crystal-clear messages. So no matter where your lone workers are or what kind of environment they’re in, communication will be a breeze.


If you have lone workers out in harsh environments that are prone to exposing your radios to particulate matter like dust or water, then you need a tough radio that won’t break after a little exposure.

Peak PTT radios are built to be durable and stand up to the elements. We offer ultra-rugged radios like the PTT-624G LTE Rugged radio, which is one of the most durable radios on the market. Not only is it drop-tested, but it’s rated IP 68, the highest rating available for radios, making it extremely resistant to water and particulate matter like dirt and dust.

SOS/Panic Button

If an accident happens to a lone worker and they’re injured, you need to know their location immediately. Also, depending on the severity of the accident, they may be unable to send you a coherent audio message. In cases like these, an SOS or panic button is absolutely essential.

The Peak PTT 4G radio includes an SOS button that when activated will send an emergency alert out to dispatch along with their location so that you can get emergency medical services to them ASAP.

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