Can You Charge a Two-Way Radio in a Vehicle?

Long-haul truckers, delivery drivers, or any employees who spend their working hours driving on the road or out in the field instead of at an office or worksite need a quality two-way radio that can be charged in a vehicle.

Communication is vital for all employees, and it’s even more important when they’re out on the road. A dead radio can result in safety, efficiency, and accountability issues, but the ability to charge a two-way radio in a vehicle circumvents these problems and ensures round-the-clock communication for employees, no matter where they are.

How In-Vehicle Charging Works

In-vehicle chargers can work in a couple of different ways. They can use the power from your car with a vehicle power adapter, like a cigarette lighter port, or they can be hardwired directly to the vehicle’s battery. These types of in-vehicle chargers usually come with an accessory that mounts directly to the vehicle for charging and can be placed on the dashboard of the vehicle or the floor.

Generally, these in-vehicle chargers are set up to charge a single two-way radio at a time. However, they can be hardwired to accommodate larger two-way radio chargers like a multi-charger that can charge several radios at once. Multi-chargers may need to be hardwired into the vehicle’s battery to receive enough power to charge all of the radios at one time.

Keep in mind that chargers connected directly to the vehicle’s power or battery will stop charging once the vehicle is turned off.

USB Charging for Two-Way Radios

Some two-way radios, like the PTT 4G Push To Talk Over Cellular Radio, offer USB cable charging, although this is relatively uncommon because they require more power to charge. USB charging is the easiest way to charge a radio because all it requires is connecting a USB cable to the radio in order to charge it.

PTT 4G Push To Talk Over Cellular Radio

 The PTT 4G Push To Talk Over Cellular Radio not only allows for convenient USB charging, but it also comes with a 5200 mAh battery which provides you with hours of talk and standby time.

Peak PTT-84G also showcases PC dispatch control software for easy-to-use voice dispatching, user location view, GPS tracking with route playback, and call message history.

This radio is perfect for any employees who are out on the road or away from the worksite for long periods of time. It allows them to stay connected with supervisors and dispatch and will ensure 24/7 location and route monitoring. It also comes with an SOS button in case of an emergency. Plus, with the USB cable/adapter, employees will never be left without a charge.

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