Push-to-Talk Two-Way Radios for Hockey Arenas

Hockey arenas hold passionate crowds. During a game, the noise is intense. There are people banging on the glass, crowds cheering, jeering, and chanting; and there is the sound of the action on the ice. From pucks and punches flying to the sound of ice as the blades of 10 players, 12 if you count the goalies, slice through in pursuit of the elusive puck, there is noise everywhere. It makes communication quite a challenge — but one that push-to-talk two-way radios can manage beautifully because they cancel out background noises and enhance voice communication.

Below, are a few more ways PTT two-way radios rock for hockey arenas.

Keep Security Informed and Updated

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Best Push-to-Talk Two-Way Radios for Event Planners

It takes no small amount of talent and organizational wizardry to be a successful event planner. It is a gift, and one that not everyone on your team shares. This means that they aren’t going to intuitively do things the way you would. They need instruction, guidance, and communication during event setup, throughout the event, and during the teardown process. Otherwise, key details get missed.

Push-to-talk two-way radios can be instrumental in helping you communicate with your team, but which radios are the best push to talk two-way radios for modern event planners? Keep these ideas in mind as you compare your options in search of the best push-to-talk two-way radio to meet your event planning needs.

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5 Safety Tips to Protect Your Lone Workers

Lone workers are a necessity in many industries today. But these men and women who go out alone to perform vital tasks are at greater risk because they are working alone. Fortunately, there are things you can do to improve safety for your lone workers. These are five ways you can reduce risks for your workers in the field.

  1. Educate Lone Workers about Potential Risks they Face

Depending on your industry the risks may be related to the work they do, as well as any of the following:

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Push to Talk Two-Way Radios for Emergency Road Assistance Companies

Roadside emergencies rarely happen at opportune moments in life. Most people dealing with roadside emergencies often need fast help. Drivers for emergency road assistance companies need to be able to communicate with their dispatchers to get precise locations, relevant details, and so much more. Push to talk two-way radios are the perfect solutions to help keep you connected to your drivers no matter what’s going on in the world outside.

These are just a few ways push to talk two-way radios can help your emergency road assistance company.

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Push to Talk Two-Way Radios for Snowplow Fleets

Snowplow drivers are on the roads in some of the most dangerous conditions imaginable. Your fleet does this to make the roads safe for other drivers in the aftermath of snow or ice storms. Push to talk two-way radios can help you keep your drivers (and others on the roads during these dangerous times) safer, improve efficiency, conserve fuel, and ensure that no major thoroughfares are overlooked when plowing this winter.

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Benefits of the Uniden® UV350 4G/LTE Vehicle Fleet Communication Device

The Uniden® UV350 4G/LTE vehicle fleet communication device is a game-changer for industries that rely on vehicles are on the road today. This single unit device accomplishes things that once required four to 10 devices and took precious seconds away from looking at the road to manage.

These are just some of the benefits this fleet communication device, available at Peak PTT, has to offer your fleet communications.

  • Extended cellular and GPS range. Courtesy of the built-in external antenna, the UV350 allows greater communication range and quality than standard two-way radios. This allows you to take your communications further, while enjoying crystal clear receptions, than ever before.
  • 5-inch display. This is the road to Damascus for businesses that rely on GPS routing, digital readouts, and other on-screen data and communication. The display is easy to read and doesn’t require drivers to switch back and forth from the safer, hands-free communication of the UV350 to riskier options like mobile phones for important information.
  • Compliant with hands-free legislation. Because it offers the ease of one-touch communication with groups and individuals alike, the UV350 is compliant with most legislation related to hands-free driving for commercial vehicles. More importantly, it keeps activities behind the wheel, as they pertain to communication, safer than ever.
  • Fast processing speeds for multitasking. The UV350 features a Qualcomm chipset that is 1.2 GHz and quad-core. This means the device can pull some serious weight when it comes to processing information and handling multiple tasks simultaneously.
  • Runs on the android operating system. This opens doors to a whole host of Play Store apps for greater efficiency and functionality for drivers and organizations. Essentially, if you have an app for your business on the Play Store, these radios can run your apps. This includes other apps that might monitor uptime, measure driver behaviors, log hours behind the wheel, etc.
  • Acts as a Wi-Fi hotspot. When drivers or passengers need access to high-speed Internet on-the-go, this communications device acts as in-vehicle access to the Internet.
  • Powers on with vehicles. Because this is a vehicle-mounted system that operates with the vehicle’s power, when the vehicle powers on, so does the radio. As long as there is power to the vehicle, this radio works, making it an excellent tool for managing emergencies and more.

As you can see, there is a lot to love about the Uniden® UV350 4G/LTE Vehicle Fleet Communication Device, especially when combined with the Peak PTT Everest Push to Talk System.

Contact us today (Call 855-600-6161) to learn more and see if this is the communication tool you’ve been waiting for or order your Uniden UV350 4G-LTE Vehicle Fleet Communication Device here.

Push to Talk Two Way Radios for Theater Production Company Touring

Whether you’re taking a Broadway show across the country or a community theater to new communities, getting your production on the road requires a lot of moving parts working together in perfect harmony. While it sounds simple, actually getting it work is a coordinated effort that requires outstanding communication to pull off.

Push to talk two-way radios for key personnel can keep your tour on target and make sure no important items are left behind, misplaced, or forgotten. Here are a few reasons you want to have PTT two-way radios to aid your communication while touring.

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6 Factors to Consider When Buying a Push to Talk Two Way Radio

Historically, push to talk (PTT) technology has been the norm in industries like security, public safety, transportation, manufacturing and construction. It’s popular technology because it’s so simple to use, allowing the user to concentrate on their job at hand. It also enables efficient, quick communication that’s confined to a predefined group of individuals needing to hear the entire conversation.

Still, there are some things you need to think about when it comes to this technology. Here are six factors to consider if you’re thinking about buying a push to talk two-way radio.

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5 Ways to Boost Productivity in Deskless Workforce

Today’s workforce is rapidly evolving and that means many workplaces are going deskless. Whether employees are working from home remotely or out in the field, there are plenty of ways in which productivity can suffer when staff are out of sight of management.

These five things can help boost productivity in the modern deskless workforce helping you achieve greater efficiency and profitability.

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How PTT Two-Way Radios are Winning Over Cell Phones

There has been a recent trend toward push to talk, or PTT, two-way radios for businesses over using mobile phones. There are many reasons why so many businesses are making the switch to PTT, but these are a few at the top of the pile.


There are many PTT radios on the market today that are built for heavy-duty or rugged use. This means they can withstand a little wind, rain, and a few drops along the way. Most cell phones aren’t as durable and will crack under the pressure of a single drop. Plus, many cell phones become unusable in the wind and rain.

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