What is the Phonetic Alphabet?

Precise communication is vital in a wide range of situations and circumstances. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to be precise when you must use letters to communicate over radio and telephone. That is why the phonetic alphabet was created. It allows users to identify precise letters when communicating so that interested parties understand the exact letters being transmitted.

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Battery Care Tips for Your Peak PTT Two-Way Radio

Properly caring for your Peak PTT two-way radio batteries is essential for maximizing their usefulness to you over time. In fact, properly caring your Peak PTT two-way radio batteries can help them last longer before needing to be recharged and even longer before you need to replace them. This saves you money and helps to ensure your batteries will work when you need them most.

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Push to Talk Two-Way Radios for Valet Services Companies

Valet Companies and PTT

Valet services companies play vital roles in the entertainment and event industries, and provide essential services in crowded locations. However, time can be of the essence when performing your service to the community and the ability to communicate effectively with spread out staff members can help you do so much more with your time. These are just a few ways push to talk two-way radios from Peak PTT can help you improve your valet services business.

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How is 4G LTE Different than 3G?

When it comes to communication, 3G was once the gold standard for crystal clear communication and exceptional voice quality. However, 4G LTE set the world on fire when it came into the picture offering exceptional call quality, voice clarity, and Internet speeds.

When working with two-way radios and push to talk technology, such as push to talk over cellular (PoC), 3G continues to be a possible option, but it is slowly becoming obsolete. In fact, as cell phone networks begin developing, adopting, and deploying 5G technology there is a concern that many will then “turn down” their 3G bands.

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Push to Talk Two-Way Radios for Firework Organizers

As summer, and prime season for fireworks displays and festivities, approaches, firework organizers are gearing up for big events across the country, and not just for the fourth of July. Communities everywhere have fireworks all summer.

From weekend beach celebrations to summer camp finales, and even various concerts and community events throughout the country, fireworks are important components of summertime celebrations in large cities, small towns, and out of the way places alike.

If you’re a firework organizer or you manage large fireworks celebrations and displays, now is a good time to consider making the switch to push to talk two-way radios to keep your team on the same page all season long.

These are just some of the benefits PTT two-way radios can benefit your organization.

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Why Transportation Companies Love Peak PTT

Transportation companies are moving the world. Quite literally in some cases. Because you work in some out of the way places, you may need a little help when it comes to keeping the lines of communications open.

Peak PTT is here to help. In fact, we’re convinced you’re going to love what Peak PTT has to offer. These are just some of the benefits transportation companies enjoy when using Peak PTT.

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Push to Talk Two-Way Radios for Trampoline Parks

Trampoline parks are a great way for families to spend an afternoon. Not only does it help restless little ones work off a little excess energy, especially during long winter months when outdoor play is limited. It also helps kids stay fit and healthy.

Trampoline park managers know that operating businesses like these require a certain amount of energy, stamina, and a large dose of patience. It also requires effective, instantaneous access to communication, of the variety push to talk two-way radios provide.

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Are Push-to-Talk Two-Way Radios Waterproof?

Waterproof is a very strong word few companies like to dive into. When it comes to push-to-talk two-way radios you will, however, find a variety of radios that can withstand varying degrees of exposure to water.

Most people do not need radios that are essentially waterproof. What you need is a radio that can withstand water up to the exposures you anticipate experiencing. For landlocked businesses, that often means rain, wind-driven rain, and the occasional water drops.

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Push to Talk Two-Way Radios for Air Shows

Air shows are thrilling to watch but require a great deal of time, attention to detail, and dedication to pull off well. Most shows involve many moving parts working together to create an event that is exciting for all to see. Push to talk two-way radios can help your air show team operate more effectively throughout the event.

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Security Tips for Event Planners

Push To Talk For Party Planners

Planning events in the modern era offer a wide range of new and emerging risks we’ve never really considered before within the U.S. While there are always standard risks, like the risk of fire, weather-related risks, etc. Today, event planners need to have security plans in place to combat things like active shooters and even terrorism. These tips will help.

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