Types of Push-to-Talk Two-Way Radio Headsets

So you’ve already bought or decided to buy a two-way radio. Congratulations on your smart purchase! But now you want to maximize the utility of the radio and allow for private communication with a two-way radio headset. Below, we’ll go over the different two-way radio headsets available at Peak PTT and why radio headsets are so beneficial.

Benefits of Two-Way Radio Headsets

 Ease of use: Peak PTT two-way radios are already very easy to use. All you need to do to send a message is push a button and speak, but in some circumstances, you want to be hands-free. Maybe taking out your radio every time you need to send or listen to a message won’t work, well in that case, a headset is a perfect option. Headsets allow you to easily listen to messages at all times and speak into a microphone on the cord without needing to reach for your radio.

Private communication: If you’re working at a busy retail store, at a crowded event, or providing security, chances are you don’t want customers listening in on your communications. This can cause a host of problems like reduced customer satisfaction and even breaches of security in the case of an emergency. While a headset allows users to easily hear any messages on the channel, other people are unable to hear them without having their own radio on the same private channel. Therefore, headsets keep your already secure channel, that much more private while preventing customers from being bothered by loud employee communications.

Better communication: At Peak PTT, we’re known for our quality radios that deliver clear audio and strong signals. Our radios even have noise-canceling technology to ensure proper communication. However, headsets can upgrade communication even more. When you’ve got a headset speaker in your ear, hearing messages is much easier. This is essential if you’re working in a noisy environment where you have to strain to hear messages.

Peak PTT Two-Way Radio Headsets

At Peak PTT, we don’t only offer quality radios, but quality radio accessories too. Below, we’ll go over the different types of two-way radio headsets available:

PTT Lapel Microphone With Headset: This headset features a comfortable hook that fits around your ear and a high-output speaker that ensures clear messages. It also comes with a push-to-talk (PTT) noise-reduction microphone with a clip so you can always send clear messages without worrying about background noise.

PTT 58394G Surveillance Headset: This headset is PTT 394G and 584G compatible. It’s an inconspicuous headset that is perfect for surveillance or security personnel.

PTT-84G Surveillance Headset: Another excellent headset for private communication, the PTT-84 G headset provides secure and quality two-way communication.

PTT 3.5mm Listen Only Earpiece: When you have employees who only need to receive messages on the job, this is the perfect headset.

Universal Earpiece for PTT-584G/PTT-394G: This quality earpiece features a fully-rotating earbud and volume control for ultimate comfort. It’s a durable earpiece that provides quality audio for both the PTT-584G and PTT-394G.