Improving Workplace Communications During the Pandemic Through Push-to-Talk Two Way Radios

There have been quite a few workplace changes in an effort to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Some of these workplace changes include practicing different things like social distancing, wearing face masks, and increasing sanitation procedures.

Many workplaces are also incorporating the use of push-to-talk two way radios to help with communication between employees and teams when allowing certain numbers of individuals in and out of workplace buildings. For instance, certain restaurants have expanded their operations outdoors so they can keep their doors open during these times. Servers are now using two way radios to communicate with their team discreetly and help keep the operation flowing smoothly and safely.

Two way radios can help offer your team instantaneous and private communication that will help keep your workflow moving more consistently, ensuring your daily operations aren’t disturbed due to miscommunication.

You can easily sanitize most two-way radio accessories like microphones, earpieces, remote speaker mics, and more. Properly sanitizing these accessories ensures each user can have a clean and safe product at the start of their shift.

 How to Ensure Two Way Radio Safety and Effectiveness

Some  measures you can take to ensure safety while using two way radios are:

  1. Sanitize the Accessories and Radios Prior to and After Every Shift

By doing this, you’ll help stop germs from spreading. It’s suggested you use disinfectant wipes to clean the accessories and radios before and after every shift. Ensure you cover all ports so no liquid drips inside any of them.

  1. Limit Use

Be sure to limit how many individuals share earpieces. You can do this by offering each worker their own.

  1. Set Up Callboxes

Set up a callbox at each of your buildings so less individuals can enter your office space. You can sanitize these easily to keep them safe to touch and use.

  1. Use a Clear and Strong Voice

When using two way radios, be sure you’re using a clear and strong voice, particularly if you’re wearing a face mask. Clear, short, and concise messages are simpler to understand. When using two way radios in establishments like a restaurant or retail setting, keep in mind it can get noisy. For these situations, microphones and in-ear earpieces are recommended.

The health of customers and employees are top priority for most companies. This is why so many are adopting social distancing practices and using push-to-talk two-way radios in order to stay open and stay productive while ensuring the safety of everyone involved.

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