Dos and Don’ts for Sanitizing PTT Two-Way Radios and Accessories

It’s a brave new world out there as new words, like “social distancing” creep into the everyday vernacular of people around the world. Another word that is getting a lot of attention these days is “sanitation.” Stores are reducing hours so staff have time to sanitize shelves and disinfect before a new round of people come inside. If your business uses Peak PTT two-way radios for communication, there are things you can do to clean and disinfect your radios to promote better safety throughout your workplace – as well as for those who work on-the-road.

Cleaning Your Two-Way Radios and Equipment

It’s always a good idea to keep your Peak PTT radios clean and free of things like dust and debris.

Do: Apply a simple solution of mild detergent and water with a damp cloth. Wipe the radio with the cloth. Then use a stiff-bristled to remove dirt from your radio. Dry with a cloth to remove any debris or cleaning solution remaining on your radio.

Don’t: Spray cleaning solutions directly onto the radio or clean your radio with brushes that have metal bristles as this can damage the radio.

Disinfecting Your Peak PTT Two-Way Radios

Disinfecting your Peak PTT radio is another matter altogether.

Do: Use isopropyl alcohol that has at least 70 percent alcohol concentration. You can buy packages of 100 pads that are presoaked in 70 percent alcohol from practically every pharmacy or supermarket.

If using bottled alcohol, apply the alcohol to a cloth before wiping your radio down. The goal is not to soak the radio but to disinfect the surfaces where people touch their radios.

Don’t: Use harsh chemicals on your radios as they can damage the plastic and metal components on your push to talk radios.  Also avoid using the following on your device:

  • Bleach
  • Solvents
  • Cleaning sprays

These can cause damage and may negate your warranty.

The world is a frightening place at the moment. Many people are reluctant to return to work. However, if you go the extra mile to maintain social distancing and keep your workplace clean and disinfected, you should be able to return with few problems. These tips will help you keep your push to talk two-way radios clean and sanitized so that your workers can focus on doing a great job for your organization and not on whether COVID-19 is lurking behind every push of a button.

If you have questions or concerns about sanitizing your Peak PTT two-way radios, don’t hesitate to contact us for more information about sanitation practices that are safe for your staff and your two-way radio equipment.