5 Ways to Enhance Business Communication During Social Distancing

Social distancing in a social world is hard. We are a social people and the idea that you have to remain six feet apart at all times can be difficult. It can also be problematic for businesses who rely on open and free communication and collaboration between employees to get the job done. Even in a social distancing world, though, there are tools available that can help you communicate while adhering to the social distancing standards and guidelines necessary to maintain safety.

  1. Use push-to-talk two-way radios to enhance social distancing. Not only does using push-to-talk two-way radios allow you to communicate freely with staff while maintaining your difference, it eliminates the need to travel in close proximity to your employees to speak with employees one-on-one. You can do so easily with the press of a button. This limits exposure while promoting effective communication.
  2. Limit unnecessary communication. It can be difficult to do in an effort to communicate clearly through various remote or distanced options. However, information overload is real and the message you need to send can easily get lost in a sea of data. Prioritize communication. Keep your communication brief. Be specific. Try to eliminate any unnecessary communication.
  3. Ask questions as needed. One of the challenges we face when social distancing is that there is an effort to reduce the number of communications sent out in a day which can leave questions. Ask. This is a time when all parties need to participate in the communication process. Besides, others may have the same questions you have. When you seek clarification, it can clear things up for everyone on the team.
  4. Practice empathy. Everyone is dealing with the pandemic in a different way. Some people are better prepared for long hours of isolation while social butterflies aren’t handling the situation as well. Some people have had illness and even deaths in their families (from COVID-19 and other conditions) and life continues on. People in the south have experienced a staggering number of hurricanes this year, other illnesses are going on, marriages take place, babies are born. An empathetic ear can be the most healing balm that will win over employee loyalty and invite productive communication long after the pandemic ends.
  5. Use technology to enhance communication. Technology is saving the day for many businesses throughout the COVID-19 crisis as some employees must work from home (daycares and schools are closed across the country), from webinars and Zoom meetings and countless other tech tools in between, you can get a lot done even when social distancing has taken your employees mile and miles away.

Social distancing doesn’t need to impede effective workplace communication. Especially when businesses use these tools to enhance their communication while social distancing.

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