Push-to-Talk Two Way Radios Enhance Curbside Pickups

As the global vocabulary has extended to include terms like “social distancing,” “flatten the curve,” and “self-isolation,” there is a new term that is gaining a great deal of attention: “curbside pickups.” While restaurants had been offering similar services even before COVID-19 made it fashionable, other stores are joining in, including supermarkets, department stores, electronics stores, and more.

Some medical facilities even offer curbside evaluations and COVID-19 testing. If your store is beginning to offer curbside pickups, you need to consider push-to-talk radios for all these reasons and more.

Improve Speed and Efficiency

If you’ve ever seen old films or Looney Tunes cartoons about fires, you know that fire brigades with multiple people standing in line passing buckets of water toward the fire was once the most efficient way to put out fires. Each person relaying the water forward while other people procured the water and still others dumped the water on the flames was far more effective than having everyone running back and forth and competing for the same resources while trying to put the fire out.

The same holds true with push-to-talk two way radios for your curbside services. The busier your curbside services are, the more critical push-to-talk radios become. They allow one person to greet the cars and relay information to people inside the business so the people responsible for pulling up the orders and those responsible for delivering them to the cars can complete their tasks with greater efficiency.

Improves Customer Experiences

The bottom line is that your customers want to feel wanted even in these trying times. Push-to-talk two way radios to manage customers and get their orders to them quickly is great. However, having someone ready to greet them when they arrive, welcome them to your business, and take care of their needs is huge in a time when everything feels so impersonal. It gives you an opportunity to add that personal touch people are desperate for in a social distancing world.

One day, this pandemic will pass. We have no idea at this time what the world of retail will look like when it does. Will restaurants and businesses be redesigned to promote self-distancing and hand hygiene at every turn? Will curbside services become the new expectation from customers? It’s possible. We don’t know. Now is the time for businesses, like yours to explore the various push-to-talk radios and accessories available to improve the flow of traffic during peak curbside hours and to help you build greater efficiency and customer loyalty to carry you through the pandemic and beyond.

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