Benefits Push-To-Talk Two Way Radios for Work at Home

Push-to-talk two way radios are an easy-to-use tool for instant communication. These radios are often used at work sites because they allow clear, fast communication among team members at various locations. Turns out, they are a great option for employees who are working at home too.

Here are some of the unique advantages of using push-to-talk two way radios for work-at-home employees.

  • Direct communication. Push-to-talk radios allow instantaneous direct communication between individual employees. This means that you don’t need to wait for another employee to see your email or direct message, and there’s no need to involve other employees if you only wish to speak with one. Instead, you can communicate immediately with the employee you need, and if they’re using their radio at their desk or workspace they will hear your call and be able to answer right away.
  • Group chats. Push-to-talk radios also allow you to talk with multiple employees at once. This makes sending company-wide or department-wide memos or alerts faster and easier and you can easily hold group meetings with everyone on their radio.
  • Multiple channels. Multiple channels on your radios means the ability to designate different departments to their specific channels so that each department can communicate seamlessly without overwhelming one line of communication. Also, you can designate one channel to management, so that if anyone has any questions specifically for management, you can respond immediately.
  • Clear, long–distance communication. One thing that the pandemic has exposed is how noisy some of our homes can be. Whether it’s children home on vacation, the dog barking, or nearby construction going on, the home can sometimes be a hectic and noisy place. Luckily, our push-to-talk radios have noise cancellation options, meaning that you’ll be able to send out your message clearly, regardless of the noise going on in the background. Plus, you can communicate with employees all over the country.
  • Although most workers have done a good job keeping up their end during the pandemic, some people find it easier to slack off when they’re working at home because of distractions or more. Push-to-talk radios provide accountability for your employees, as you should be able to contact them immediately during their working hours. Also, it allows you to track your employees’ locations, thanks to their GPS tracking features.

Everything considered, push-to-talk two-way radios provide everything that software like Zoom lack: instant communication at all hours of the day, accountability, direct, personal, and group communication, ease-of-use, and clear communication with noise-cancellation.

So if you’d like to improve your communication with your work-at-home employees, consider investing in PeakPTT push-to-talk two way radios for a more efficient and communicative workspace. We have solutions for small, mid-size, large businesses, and even enterprise businesses. Call us today at 855-600-6161.