The Benefits of Noise Cancellation Headsets with PTT Two-Way Radios

Push to talk (or PTT) two-way radios offer many benefits to users, including outstanding sound quality. Some industries, though, require additional assistance when it comes to protecting the quality of sound and the elimination of background noises that affect the ability of users to hear messages coming through their radios.

Who Needs Noise Cancellation Headsets?

Many industries can be aided with the inclusion of noise cancellation headsets. Industries that benefit from noise cancellation headsets include:

And more, including:

  • Plant workers
  • Airfields, train stations, and shipyards
  • Amusement and carnival facilities
  • Theme park employees
  • Restaurant staff members

For instance, people who work in the construction industry, where they are constantly exposed to the noises of heavy machinery, construction equipment, and the noises of traffic (for construction crews working in large cities) may need the added benefit of noise cancellation headphones to assist in understanding the messages they receive.

The more people begin to rely on two-way radios and push to talk services for communication improvements, the greater the need for noise cancellation headsets will become.

Noise Cancellation Headset Benefits

Peak PTT recommends the Titan Noise Cancelling Headset with Gooseneck Boom Mic. The headset offers many benefits you might not realize at first for not only receiving crystal clear communication unhindered by background noise, but also in delivering messages that aren’t hampered by the noises going on around your staff, thanks to the noise canceling dynamic boom mic. These headsets are OSHA compliant, water resistant, and do not require a battery. It even includes a push to talk button on the headset itself.

Not only do these headsets filter out noise that would otherwise disrupt incoming messages, but they also filter out noise in the room where users are operating so that these noises do not diminish the clarity of the sounds being heard through the headsets. They offer some sense of protection from the noises of construction sites, for instance, protecting the ears beyond amplifying the quality of the messages.

Peak PTT is committed to providing top-quality equipment and push to talk service for our two-way radio users. We believe we offer the best equipment to meet your needs no matter what industry you happen to work in.

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