The Benefits of PC Dispatch Software for Peak PTT Two Way Radios

Push-To-Talk Technology

Push To Talk (PTT) is a voice communication technology that enables you to talk immediately and securely by simply pressing a button. Push To Talk makes use of the internet, cellular/WiFi networks and allows you to interact with anyone across the block or around the world. It can be used on various devices, including dedicated PTT devices like the Peak PTT two-way radios, smartphones, and even computers. You can talk to multiple devices at once or privately one-on-one, just as with walkie-talkies.

Pairing PTT Technology with PC Dispatch Software

PC dispatch software is technology that links one or more PTT devices, such as two-way radios over an internet network through a PC to cover a larger range than standard walkie-talkies can.

This software, once installed, has the ability to communicate with each radio and also track them in real-time. They are of immense help in industries like factories, security, logistics, and of course, telecommunications.

The PeakPTT PC K2 dispatcher allows your company to interface with its radios directly from any Internet-connected PC. After you install the software, you will be able to communicate with all of your devices.

Benefits of PC Dispatch Software

The following are the advantages of PC dispatch software:

Tracking and Monitoring

You can see the GPS positions of each radio/app, allowing you to see where your workforce is in real time.

Emergency & Lone Worker Notifications

SOS alerts with locations for immediate response to any major emergency are received by the dispatch control panel. In an emergency, you can also set the radios to “Hot Mic” mode so the dispatcher can hear what is going on.

The dispatcher can use the lone worker module to create a timer to warn the control panel if a worker does not check in within a certain amount of time.

Easy Installation

The software installs in no time on any PC running Microsoft Windows. If necessary, the vendor can assist with the installation remotely.

Other benefits and features include:

Real-time PTT Messaging

  • Call recording and storage: Calls from more than two months ago can be saved and retrieved for later use.
  • Mass communication: Separate groups of employees can be contacted and communicated within the blink of an eye. Staff equipped with walkie-talkies can be reached in record time in the event of an emergency.

Peak PTT two-way radios excel in efficient communication and connecting people within a fixed range. Using a PC dispatch console software adds so many added benefits, such as on demand location tracking, embedded recording, and geo-fencing, among other features.

Take a look at K2 Windows PC Dispatch Software and Everest Dispatch Console from PeakPTT for your business today. Please give us at call if you have any questions. 855-600-6161