Five Questions to Consider Before Buying a Push-to-Talk Two Way Radio

You might have questions about push-to-talk two way radios. We’ve answered some of the more common ones below!

 What type of work will you be doing with the radio?

Determining the type of work you’ll be using the radio for will determine the functions, size, and durability of the radios. For example, if you work in an office, you’ll want to choose a radio that comes with features that companies require. Security guards will want a discrete radio with secure channels, and construction and outside workers will want a durable radio that can stand up to the elements.

How many people will be using radios?

How many people will be using the radios will determine what plan you will need to purchase for your business or organization. Furthermore, if you have several individual groups of people you will need to use multiple channels. Using multiple channels means that fewer people will be talking over one another and people who don’t need to hear other groups’ messages will only hear the communications from their own group. Luckily, adding multiple channels comes free of charge with Peak PTT radios.

In addition, if you have many people using radios and you have morning and night shifts in particular, you may consider adding multi-unit chargers. This will ensure that radios stay fully charged so that when the next shift begins all workers have a charged radio.

Does it come with real-time GPS tracking?

Real-time GPS tracking is an invaluable feature when it comes to two-way radios, particularly when employees are working outside or in dangerous conditions. GPS tracking allows you to easily locate the device in the case of an injury or emergency so you can dispatch medical assistance.

Also, GPS tracking can be used to monitor employee locations to make sure they are where they’re supposed to be when on the clock.

Are you or your employees working in dangerous conditions?

While GPS tracking is great and significantly increases safety, if your employees are ever working in dangerous conditions, you may consider extra safety measures. One such safety measure is a panic button. The panic button, or SOS button, allows users to instantly send out an emergency alert with their location. Therefore, if an emergency does happen, you can know immediately and get them the help they need as soon as possible.

Do you need a dispatcher?

 A dispatcher is someone who sends and receives messages across any given organization to keep track of people and movements. If you want a dispatcher, it’s easy to set up with Peak PTT, plus we include additional features that will make your dispatcher’s job easier, like the Everest Dispatch Console.

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