Push-to-Talk Two Way Radios for Front Line Medical Workers

Front line medical workers put their lives at risk every day for the sake of helping others. Whether you are fighting the good fight against COVID-19, responding to emergencies around your city, helping bring new lives into the world, or providing comfort when others are taking their last breaths, effective communication tools can help you do your job more effectively. Push-to-talk two way radios can help you improve communication on all fronts while also doing all the following and more.

Promote Social Distancing

Because many front line medical workers are wearing more personal protective equipment than in days past, it can interfere with communication from a distance. However, with push-to-talk two way radios you can maintain social distance while keeping the lines of communication open and ensuring everyone is on the same page.

Not only can you maintain six feet of separation with push-to-talk two way radios, but you can also communicate with ambulance drivers en route to emergency departments, lap teams in radiology, or even someone in the cafeteria to get a dinner plate brought up for late night admissions.

Allow Effective Relays of Emergency Information Between Departments

Nowhere is the statement “it takes a village” more relevant than among front line medical workers. It takes entire teams of people, sometimes working floors apart, or even in different buildings or facilities, to help bring healing and health to patients. Push-to-talk two way radios from Peak PTT allow you to communicate with members of your team located anywhere within our extensive 4G nationwide network. You can even stay in constant communication with teams delivering transplant organs as they fly the organs in.

Maintain Patient Privacy

Thanks to products like noise cancelling headsets and technology within push-to-talk two way radios that enhance voice communication while diminishing background noises, it is easier than ever to maintain patient privacy without sacrificing their quality of care to do so. This technology allows you to have discrete conversations with physicians, respiratory therapy, and radiology to ensure patients receive the care they require without others being privy to those conversations.

Peak PTT understands that front line medical workers have been called on to do so much in the past year. More than many ever thought would be required of you. Our mission is to help make communicating within your jobs easier than ever.

Contact us today to learn more about the many ways we can help improve safety, efficiency, and effective communication for all your front line medical workers.  1-855-600-6161