Push to Talk Radios for University Campuses

College and university campuses throughout the country present unique communications challenges. Regardless of the number of students attending the college, it is the size of the campus that often presents the greatest challenge for communicating via two-way radios.

Push to talk offers an attractive alternative to traditional two-way radios that lacked the capacity to communicate through thick walls or across large campuses.

For instances, Duke University is spread out to well over 9,000 acres and the United States Air Force Academy is nearly double that size.

Push to talk radios can be instrumental for keeping the lines of communication open and portable for a variety of reasons, including those listed below. The best news is that there are radios and services that work on campuses of all shapes and sizes.

Manage Emergencies

From active shooter events to accidents, fires, and even tornadoes on campus, like happened at William Carey College in 2017, the ability to communicate is essential in the midst of crisis situations and push to talk radios operate even when the power is out and cell towers are overloaded.

Direct the Flow of Traffic

Events take place on college campuses all the time. From top talent offering concerts and other performances to talented students making their theatrical and musical debuts and sporting events that attract widespread attention from fans and media alike, there are many events that require mobile personnel to help manage traffic. Push to talk allows these people to communicate effectively improving safety when traffic is heaviest and reducing risks of miscommunications in the process.

Communicate with Key Personnel

The real beauty of push to talk radio communication is that it allows you to send campus-wide messages to all who are part of your communication system when necessary. But it also allows you to talk with specific individuals, or groups.

In other words, you could communicate with your entire grounds staff to help prepare for a major event taking place on campus, like a homecoming, or you could just contact the department manager to get his take on the plans and how long it will take to carry them out.

Regardless of the size of your campus or the number of students your university is charged with education, push to talk radios can be instrumental tools for maintaining order, safety, and functionality throughout your campus.

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