Push to Talk Two Way Radios for Water Main Break Repair Companies

What is a Water Main Break?

A water main break is a leak in a water pipe caused by holes or cracks in water pipes that force the water to the surface of the pipe. The pressure in the water main causes water to continuously flow, meaning that the leaking will persist until it is fixed. This can wreak havoc on roadways, especially when the temperature is below freezing and can cost the road to freeze.

What Causes a Water Main Break?

Temperature changes are the primary cause of water main breaks. During the winter, freezing and thawing soils can bend or break underground water mains. During the summer, water mains are used much more frequently, namely for watering lawns, filling up swimming pools, staying hydrated, etc. This puts extra stress on the water mains and can lead to problems.

What Do Water Main Repair Companies Do?

Water main repair crews shut off valves and place the water main out of service, so that they can isolate the pipe and make repairs. Then, when they are finished, they flush the pipe before returning it to service.

Water main repair people need to be able to communicate clearly, whether they are the ones in the hole making the repairs to the main or doing work aboveground. But, because of the circumstance of repairing water mains, it can be difficult to communicate to the workers below ground if you are above ground and vice versa. Therefore, they require clear and effective, hands-free communication devices.

What’s the Best Radio for Water Main Repair Companies?

 The best option for water main repair crews is investing in durable, high-quality push to talk two-way radios. Push to talk radios allow workers to communicate instantly and clearly even in difficult environments like those encountered when fixing a water main. Push to talk two way radios are durable, and can be either water-resistant or waterproof.  The second digit of a radio’s IP rating provides its water resistancy or waterproof features.

This means that if any questions about the job or safety concerns arise, that the people working on the pipe can easily talk to those on the surface. Push to talk two way radios  eliminate background noise so that communication is always clear. Plus, they are durable and water resistant, so you don’t have to worry about breaking them while on the job. Also, the startup costs are low so you don’t have to worry about selling an arm and a leg to get your crew outfitted with top-notch Push to Talk radios.

With an easy push of a button, your water main repair crew will greatly enhance their communication, not only improving their safety while on the job, but their productivity too. Learn more about Peak PTT radios at www.peakptt.com/.  (855) 600-6161