Push-to-talk Two-Way Radios for Ski Patrols

Ski patrol is a necessary part of every ski area. Ski patrol is responsible for making sure that skiers are being safe, staying on designated trails, and locating and marking any potential hazards on the trail. Also, ski patrol provides emergency medical assistance and rescue services to anyone injured or in a dangerous situation in a ski resort or back country area.

It is undeniable that ski patrollers play an indispensable role at the ski resort and back country area because without them, skiing would be a much more dangerous sport than it already is. However, to be effective, ski patrol needs to have the right equipment, like the right radios. Without good, clear communication, ski patrol would be unable to identify, address, and coordinate with each other, possibly costing people their lives.

What type of walkie-talkies does ski patrol use?

Ski patrol uses radios that are resistant to water and snow and can therefore withstand melting snowflakes and water droplets. Obviously, water-resistant radios are a necessity for ski patrol, without a good radio that can endure a little bit of water and snow, their radios would be completely useless as soon as they were dropped in the snow.

Ski patrol radios also need to be long-range. Backcountry areas and ski resorts can be huge, so it’s vital that patrollers can speak to one another and dispatch when they are on opposite sides of the mountain.

In addition, when you’ve got gloves or mittens on, you want a radio that is easy to use, like a push-to-talk radio. This saves time and energy and allows ski patrollers to keep their fingers and hands warm without having to remove their gloves and dial. Also, they need a two-way radio so that they can easily talk to one another and identify the problem/injury and location on the mountain.

Lastly, ski patrollers use radios that have clear communication. This means not only a radio that will deliver a clear message through long distances or a snowstorm but one that cuts out background noise. For example, if a ski patroller is in high winds they still need to be able to communicate to the other patrollers, so they may require a good two-way radio that cuts out any background noise to deliver a clear message.

All of this considered, it’s clear that ski patrollers need the best radio they can get. They require a long-range, clear, easy-to-use, push-to-talk, two-way radio that is durable and water-resistant. In other words, they need a dependable, top-notch radio that won’t fail them.

PeakPTT two-way radios are water resistant or waterproof as outlined below:

PTT-584G – Waterproof  / IP Rating 67

PTT-394G – Waterproof / IP Rating 67

PTT-304G – Waterproof / IP Rating 67

PTT-84G – Water resistant / IP Rating 54

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