Durability Features of Peak PTT Two Way Radios

Peak PTT radios are built to handle communications for people in some of the hardest working industries and fields today. From construction to off-shore oil drilling, to waste management, and medical services, these radios are designed to withstand a world of extremes while continuing to work. Some of the durability features you can expect to find on Peak PTT two way radios include the following.


Peak PTT two way radios are practically waterproof, meaning they are acceptable for use in and around water, covering a wide range of industries that work out in the elements like landscapers, oil field workers, firefighters, gamer wardens, and more. The idea is that these radios can easily withstand a little wind and rain without falling apart.

Dust Resistant

In some circles, dust resistance is equally important to waterproof, perhaps even more important. If you work in areas where sand, dust, and debris creating all sorts of problems, getting into radios and causing damage, you want to make sure you find a push to talk two way radio that has a high IP rating. Specifically, you want the first digit in the IP rating to be high, indicating it has protection against rocks, dust, pebbles and dirt built into the unit.

Battery Life

Battery lift is another indicator of durability in your Peak PTT radios. Our radio batteries can easily last eight to 12 hours, depending on use, allowing many industries to get through a solid shift before batteries need to be replaced. The less frequently batteries require recharging, the greater durability the push to talk two way radio has. The other side of that is that by charging or replacing batteries fewer times, you’re facing a lower risk of damaging the radio when doing so. Ultimately, without spectacular battery performance, little else matters. You need the radios to work when you need them.

Working Temperatures

You also need your push to talk two way radios to work in temperatures members of your team are likely to be needed in. This means you need radios that are rated for lower or higher temperatures as needed and as are likely in your region in order for the radios to be of use to your business.

The dedicated staff at Peak PTT is happy to answer any questions you may have about our radios, their durability, and which radios best meet the demands of your industry. Contact us today so we can help you get the answers and radios you need. Call: 855-600-6161

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