Push-to-talk Two Way Radios for Theme Parks

As theme parks plan to reopen after closing for COVID-19, parks plan to deploy teams whose primary jobs will be enforcing a new policy requiring theme park visitors to wear protective face masks. To accomplish this important task, communication among team members will be vital.

Push to talk for amusement parks can bring huge improvements to your communications capabilities that not only improve safety and security for your park, but also improve guest experiences.

Whether you choose PTT for theme parks to improve overall park efficiency or as a concentrated effort to improve safety and security park-wide, there are many reasons to consider push-to-talk two way radios that go far beyond the obvious reasons, such as those listed below.

Noise Cancelling Capabilities

Theme parks are noisy. From the music playing to the noises of the crowd, and countless other sounds in between, it can be nearly impossible to communicate face to face, much less via mobile phone. Fortunately, two way radios are equipped with tools that diminish background noises while enhancing voice communications.  This means communication is crystal clear, leaving little room for miscommunication, related to sound quality, to occur.

Large Coverage Areas

Since amusement parks cover so much real estate, ordinary two way radios may not be up to the communication challenge – at least not without various dead zones where communication is spotty at best. Our push to talk two-way radios provide coverage for the entire area of your theme park and beyond your borders – anywhere a 4G signal exists. This means you don’t have to worry about your ability to communicate with employees in certain areas of the park.

Rugged Radios and Equipment

We offer a wide range of rugged, durable two-way radios that are well-suited for theme and amusement parks, including several that have high IP ratings, meaning they are resistant to water, wind, and other elements that could be thrown their way in the average theme park. Your people work out in the elements and around rides and amusements that often involve water. This is a must for your communications equipment, and much better protection than the average cell phone provides.

Improved Security and Crowd Control

Sadly, we live in a world where security and safety are a growing and continuous concern, especially in places, like theme parks, where large groups of people are gathered together. The instantaneous nature of communication via push to talk two-way radios makes them ideal for coordinating responses to large scale security events as well as handling smaller issues like medical emergencies, fires, weather-related emergencies, disgruntled guests, and suspicious packages. The GPS allows you to communicate precise locations with emergency responders should it become necessary to do so.

Peak PTT understands the unique challenges theme parks and amusement parks face when it comes to communication and safety, and can work with you to create the perfect communications solutions for your park, as we enter into a new reality of operating a theme park in today’s time.