Comparing the Peak PTT K2 Platform with the Everest Platform

Peak PTT offers two different communications platforms to accommodate the differing communications needs of businesses. The K2 Platform is designed to provide solid communications solutions for small and medium sized businesses while the Everest platform is built to meet the needs of medium-sized and enterprise businesses. While they each offer similar usability, there are differences that make them stand apart as well.

K2 Push to Talk Platform

The K2 platform offers small and medium-sized businesses a robust list of tools, including mobile phone apps that enable push to talk over cellular capabilities as well as vehicle mounted radios and handheld two-way push to talk radios to meet a wide range of industry needs.

Additionally, the K2 Windows dispatch software provides device location tracking, geo-fencing capabilities, and can receive text and email alerts in addition to many other functions that help you get more mileage from your push to talk service.

Everest Push to Talk Platform

While many features between the two platforms are similar, the Everest platform is built with larger organizations in mind. Even if you’re a medium-sized business today with aspirations of becoming a much larger organization, this might be the platform you want to consider. Not for the similarities, but for the differences. Some of the big differences of the Everest platform are the following:

  • Low latency rate. Every second matters and delays can be frustrating, not to mention dangerous, if you have men and women in the field. That isn’t the case with the Everest platform – even when you’re addressing large groups.
  • Huge capacity. The Everest platform offers different capacity configurations with standard support for up to 10,000 registered users and large capacity systems for up to 200,000 users.
  • Call log with missed message alerts. While the beauty of push to talk is that you don’t have to play endless games of phone tag with your entire organization, there are times when missed messages occur. The Everest platform notifies users when hit happens.
  • Robust accessory line-up. The right accessories can make or break the usefulness of a push-to-talk platform. The Everest platform offers a full list of accessories designed to make accommodating multiple users, hands-free communication, and so much more possible.

Also, take a look at the Peak PTT Device Comparison Page.

Contact Peak PTT today to learn more and to help determine which of these push to talk platforms is a better match for your business needs. We are here to help you make the right decision for your budget and your goals.