Push-to-Talk Two Way Radios for Bike Sharing Companies

Bike sharing companies often have a lot of real estate to cover on the average day. Not only do you have to keep up with the location of your bikes for the sake of knowing where your inventory is, but also to make sure you have the supply in place to meet demands of specific areas during high traffic hours.

Push-to-talk two way radios can be instrumental in helping you keep your bike sharing staff on the same page and operating at maximum efficiency. These are just a few reasons why PTT two-way radios are a good idea for your bike sharing organization.

Ruggedized Radio Equipment Available

Bike share staff and team members are out in the elements and on the go at all hours of the day and night. Your team needs to be able to communicate no matter what Mother Nature is dishing out. That is why it is important to use radios built to withstand a little wind, rain, and a few drops and spills along the way. The PTT-584G Dedicated Push to Talk Rugged Handset is an ideal option, especially when paired with a headset and mic that allows your staff to enjoy hands-free communication.

GPS Location Capabilities

GPS tracking is essential when dealing with people on the roads today. Whether locating and coordinating efforts to find bikes that may be hard to spot or finding riders who may have been injured in accidents, GPS location offers precise location features that facilitate swift action and prompt responses when necessary.

Extensive Coverage Throughout the Country

Whether your bike share company operates in a small town or large cities, there is sufficient coverage available to provide outstanding service and reception, thanks to Peak PTT’s nationwide 4G/3G coverage. It isn’t necessary to use costly and fragile mobile phones when push-to-talk two way radios provide and deliver outstanding reception and many of the same features expected of mobile phones for a fraction of the cost.

Crystal Clear Sound Quality

Sound quality matters, especially when coordinating with teams throughout large cities. Our two-way radios feature advanced technology to drown out background noises while enhancing voice quality, so messages aren’t lost in translation.

Don’t wonder if there is a better way to communicate for your bike share company. Contact Peak PTT today and learn about the many ways we can help you improve efficiency, reduce costs, and increase profits with our unique products and services.