Push to Talk Two-Way Radios for Blood Donation Centers

The American Red Cross is facing a severe blood shortage due to the coronavirus and donors are urgently needed in across all corners of the United States. If you are a healthy and eligible donor, you are strongly encouraged to set up an appointment with your local blood donation center to provide lifesaving blood products to patients in need throughout your community and the country. As more people heed the call for blood and blood product donations, donation centers must respond in kind to maximize the safety of every donor.

Push to talk two-way radios can be instrumental tools for leading the charge, and helping to facilitate better communication between all the moving parts and people who make blood donation centers safe and effective for their important roles, such as:

  • Donation screeners
  • Receptionists
  • Plasma center technicians
  • Donation field managers
  • Phlebotomists
  • Registered Nurses
  • Blood donation schedulers

These are the people who make successful blood donations happen, no matter what’s going on in the world outside their doors. They need to be able to work together, sometimes, in an instant, to ensure the safety of all parties, and the blood products they receive.

How Can Push to Talk Two-Way Radios Help?

Push to talk two-way radios facilitate instant communication with one single person or a group of people. This allows for private communications as well as public alerts, as needed to get messages across about donations, events, and medical information that might be relevant.

It also helps to facilitate communication between donation centers and medical facilities within the community in need of the products they procure from people within the community. It actually helps in the life saving process by cutting out the middlemen and allowing free discussions about the need for blood as hospitals and medical centers become inundated with sick and injured among the population.

Finally, push to talk two-way radios help to ease congestion while making the donation process as efficient and painless as possible for those who are going the distance to donate their blood in times of crisis for the nation.

Peak PTT understands that this is a time of urgent need across the country and we’re here to help in any possible way. Contact us today to learn about the many ways push to talk two-way radios can help your blood donation center operate more efficiently during moments in history such as this and any other ordinary day as it comes along.

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