7 ways Grocery Stores Can Use Push to Talk Two-Way Radios

Push to talk two-way radios offer real benefits for grocery stores and similar businesses at almost every turn. Using these radios helps your store improve efficiency, boost customer service, increase profits, and create a safer shopping environment for all. These are just a few ways all this happens by using PTT two-way radios.

  1. Price checks. Whenever tags are missing or customers dispute prices, it is best to seek clarification on pricing. PTT radios allow you to do just that without leaving the area behind the register, improving customer service without sacrificing security in the process.
  2. Spills and broken glass cleanup. Spills and cleanups are important safety protocols within any grocery store – especially when broken glass is involved. Two-way radios allow any member of the team, once discovering a spill, to notify the appropriate person to come clean it up.
  3. Training. Team leads and management can use two-way radios to train new staff even if they can’t be “hands on” in the process.
  4. Security. Security can’t be everywhere at once, but with these amazing radios they can have eyes everywhere at once, allowing any member of the team to quickly notify security whenever problems arise. These radios also provide members of your security team to relay information to law enforcement, paramedics, and other first responders when emergencies occur inside your grocery store.
  5. Shoplifting. Every employee is responsible for monitoring shoplifting and reporting suspicious behavior to your security team. Two-way radios make it easier than ever.
  6. Inventory management. Running low on inventory of “on sale” items? Two-way radios allow you to call for more stock at the appropriate time, so you do not run out of coveted items too quickly. Using accessories like the PTT label microphone with headset, allows your employees to do so discretely.
  7. Customer service. Push to talk two-way radios give you fast access to management to handle situations in danger of getting out of hand – greatly improving customer service and creating happier customers all around.

Keep in mind that there are many different types of push to talk two-way radios you can use, depending on the user, to get more mileage and greater discretion from these radios. Choose wisely when selecting radios and accessories and enjoy the low start-up costs for these types of communications systems for your grocery store needs.

Contact Peak PTT today to learn more about which radios, system, and accessories are the best choice for your grocery store communications needs and to begin your journey toward greater efficiency. Call us at 1-855-600-6161.

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