How Nursing Homes Benefit from Push to Talk Two-Way Radios

Push to talk two-way radios benefit modern nursing homes in many ways. Some you might not have even been counting on when making the decision to utilize these invaluable push-to-talk two way radios for medical services organizations, like nursing homes.

How can it benefit your nursing home? Let us count the ways.

  1. Provide instant communication when treatment emergencies or urgent questions arise. One touch communication is the one thing that sets push to talk two-way radios apart from all other forms of communication. When emergencies happen, you only need to push a single button to communicate the relevant information to the appropriate people. No dialing and waiting, fast access and prompt message delivery. When second matter, this communication option can’t be beat.
  2. Offer durable and lightweight radios. Nurses and other nursing home staff work long shifts, sometimes up to 12 hours or more. You need radios that can not only handle the abuse the two-way radios might get on an average shift, but the number of hours members of your staff work as well.
  3. Eliminate delays in notifying dietary about changing needs and requirements. Patients see doctors all the time, which sometimes mean their dietary needs and recommendations change from one day to the next. Sometimes with little warning. PTT radios allow your nursing and care staff to notify dietary of these changes right away, so patients immediately get the changes they need in their diets.
  4. Call for help with the push of a button. Sometimes you need a little help. Whether a patient has rolled out of bed, slipped and fallen, or has become combative, you need to be able to quickly and easily call for assistance when the need arises. Push to talk two-way radios make that not only possible, but also easier than ever before.
  5. Keep better watch over memory care patients. The more patients you have with memory impairments, particularly those who are prone to wander, the more difficult it can be to keep up with their locations. While GPS tracking helps, getting human eyes on their location is an even greater asset. Using GPS and two-way radios together allows managers to locate the nearest member of staff and direct them to the wandering patient to help redirect and distract them.

Nursing home administrators and staff members face many important duties each day in helping their patients maintain optimal health and quality of life. Push to talk two-way radios can help in every aspect. Contact Peak PTT by calling 855-600-6161 today to learn how.

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