Push to Talk Two Way Radios for Pop Up Hospitals and Virus Testing Sites

In a world where social distancing is the new norm – at least for the time being – hospitals must re-think the patient triage process. Hospitals in cities across the country and around the world are busier than ever and turning to pop-up hospitals located outside of traditional hospitals to help manage overflow and conduct essential drive-thru coronavirus testing. Push to talk two way radios have become essential tools for communication as these pop-up hospitals become increasingly necessary.

Why are Push to Talk Two Way Radios Essential?

The ability to communicate emergency broadcasts quickly and effectively is the key factor for choosing push to talk two way radios for pop up triage tents, hospital services, and virus testing. These devices offer immediate medical personnel communication, so nurses, medical technicians, physicians, and EMT and ambulance staff can quickly communicate to discuss patients’ needs to get proper care during critical moments.

More Rugged than Mobile Phones

Another key benefit is that push to talk two way radios are capable of taking far more abuse than the average mobile phone. Additionally, radios can be used through protective layers that some mobile phones may not be able to accommodate, this makes them “cleaner” choices in the face of COVID-19.

Scalable and Affordable Communication Option

As the pandemic spreads and there is increased demand for medical personnel inside and outside of hospitals to treat patients, manage care, and handle the ebbs and flows that often occur at times like these, hospitals can easily ramp up or down the number of radios to meet those needs, so that everyone who need one is equipped with a push to talk two way radio to help keep everyone on the same page. It is far more cost-effective than trying to run things on mobile phones or set up landline communication in these pop-up tents.

Helps to Ensure Proper Supplies and Equipment Delivery

One of the most critical details of effective medical care involves the equipment and supplies required to carry that out. Push to talk two way radios allow hospital staff and members of drive through testing teams to put out calls for equipment and supplies when they begin running low so that they don’t have to operate without the essentials.

Whether outlining care plans, working as a team to ensure testing goes on without interruption, or actively working to save lives, push to talk two way radios from Peak PTT can be instrumental in helping your organization manage this pandemic, and the next ones to come along, while limiting loss of life and promoting more favorable outcomes.

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