Push-to-Talk Two Way Radio Battery Care

Properly caring for push-to-talk (PTT) two way radio batteries can greatly extend the life and usefulness of batteries, saving your organization money on needless replacements over time.

These tips will help you care for your battery so that fewer replacements are required and so that you can enjoy quality talk time with your team throughout their shifts for a long time to come.

  • Don’t expose your battery to water. If it does become exposed to water, remove the battery and allow it to dry the battery and radio completely before reinserting the battery. While Peak PTT radios are water resistant or waterproof, avoiding unnecessary exposure to water can extend the life and usefulness of your batteries.
  • Turn off radios before charging batteries. If you fail to turn off the radio while charging batteries, it will be drawing current while it is charging, greatly reducing the life of your battery.
  • Store batteries properly when not in use. If you’re not going to be using some batteries for an extended period (slow seasons, shutdowns, etc.) it is important to store them properly. Discharge the battery to 50 percent capacity before storing them and store them in a cool, dry place.
  • Charge your batteries when prompted. Charging batteries when prompted to do so can help prevent damage to the radio that requires repairs or a reset in order to restore use of your radio and avoid possible replacement of your battery. Plus, your radios aren’t very useful if you fail to keep them properly charged and could fail at critical moments.
  • Avoid overcharging your batteries. Maximize the life of your batteries by only charging them when needed and resist the temptation to use charging stations as de facto radio holders. Ideally you would never recharge batteries unless they were down to 10 or 20 percent capacity. Once you’ve completely recharged the battery, it should be removed from the charging station. Encourage your team to carry around fully charged spare batteries so depleted batteries can be replaced quickly and efficiently when your team members are on the go.

When properly cared for, batteries should last approximately 1.5 years before they begin to wear down and may need to be replaced. You can purchase Peak PTT replacement batteries, such as:

If you’re concerned about how long your push-to-talk two way radio batteries will last or ways you can extend the life of these batteries, contact Peak PTT to learn more about how you can improve the life of your battery and get more mileage from them. Call: 855-600-6161