Push to Talk Two-Way Radios for Railways Communications

Staying on top of things for your railway is easier than ever if you choose to use push to talk two-way radios and the many benefits these radios bring to the table. These are just a few great reasons you are sure to appreciate all these communication tools have to offer.

Huge Coverage Area

This means you can talk to rail yards across the state, over multiple states, or around the country when the need arises without concerns over your ability to communicate. In fact, you can communicate wherever there is access to a 4G signal. Check out our coverage map to see if our services will work well for your organization, to meet your communications needs wherever you may travel.

Data and Voice Communication

Much like mobile phones, two-way radios can generate voice and text communications. Many modern radios have fully functioning cameras to transmit images as well. This can be instrumental when certain details, information, and images simply can’t wait for railway workers to get back to the rail yard or headquarters.

Improve Safety

Apps like Lone Worker and Man Done improve safety of railway workers who work alone – in case they become injured and are unable to radio for help. The panic button or SOS feature also helps to improve safety for all with a one-touch option to signal emergencies and explain what is going on. From accidents to injuries, and all points in between, push to talk two-way radios boost safety for railway workers all around.

Know Location of Your People

Because Peak PTT push to talk two-way radios are equipped with GPS location tracking you can know the location of all your people at any given time. This lets you know if people are where they’re supposed to be, if you have sufficient coverage for projects or situations, and to see where there are gaps in coverage for your rails.

Send and Receive Status Reports in the Field

Whether you’re in the field or you have workers in the field, it is important to stay abreast of how your entire team is doing. With push to talk two-way radios it is easier than ever to keep up with your entire team – even when you’re the one on the go. You can receive reports about progress on specific projects, locations of team members, and even important updates on the railways you’re responsible for.

Contact Peak PTT today to learn more about our various radios and to learn which system is best for you.

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