8 Ways Schools Can Use Push-to-Talk Two Way Radios

Priority number one for both parents and schools is keeping the kids safe. To protect the kids and keep the operation of the school running smoothly, schools can use two-way radios. You may not realize how multifaceted and complex an average school is. Along with student security, there’s school buses to organize, traffic to direct and teachers and administrators to keep informed and well-connected. Below are eight ways that push-to-talk two-way radios are used in schools.

  1. School Bus Drivers

When the drivers of school buses are equipped with push-to-talk two-way radios, they can communicate better with administrators and school officials. This helps to keep them informed about any route changes or problems at the school. These radios also enable drivers to call quickly in the event of an emergency for help.

  1. Non-Emergency Situation School Security

Whether you’re coordinating patrols and rounds during the school day, having to deal with football games, school events, graduation or simply dealing with the day-to-day grind of managing rowdy students, push-to-talk services all your officers to:

  • Provide security updates
  • Deliver status reports
  • Send important alerts and messages with the push of a button
  1. Student Accountability

Have a plan in place for verifying all students are accounted for. In the event of a real fire, you’ll need to have a “no child left behind” policy in place and ensure all students are accounted for. This includes fire drills as well.

  1. Inform Students

Inform students of each classroom’s escape routes and post-evacuation procedures from classrooms to the right exits prominently where every student can see it.

  1. Crisis Management

With a cell phone, you have to dial the specific numbers. But, with PTT two-way radios, you only have to press one button to facilitate communication in the event of a crisis. You can choose discrete communication options so educators can inform of suspicious behaviors or packages without third parties being able to hear what they’re discussing.

  1. Coordination of Efforts

PTT two-way radios also provide the ability to coordinate responses and efforts to evolving situations without playing phone tag or leaving others in the dark. The more real-time, credible information available, the more coordinated and accurate responses become.

  1. Administration

Two-way radios allow administrators of the school stay informed anywhere in the school, as things occur, allowing for immediate response if needed, including during security and fire safety drills.

  1. Food Service

Like with public restaurants, the school’s food service employees use PTT radios to coordinate food preparation, cooking and serving duties to run things smoothly.

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