Push to Talk for School Security

School security is an issue that is front and center on the minds of every parent sending their child to school these days. It is also very much in the thoughts of administrators charged with educating children and keeping them safe.

Push to talk for school security can help in many aspects of school security and can make a huge difference in the safety of schools for all students.

Push to Talk for School Emergencies

There is nothing school administrators fear more than being thrust in the midst of a horrific school shooting. The loss of life. The panic. The fear. The trauma to the students in your care. It’s a situation you never want to think about experiencing in your school. Nonetheless, it is a situation you must prepare for.

Push to talk technology cannot eliminate the possibility of a school shooting situation, or many other emergencies, but it can be instrumental in managing the situation and saving lives. These are just a few ways it can help.

  • Panic/SOS button to alert local law enforcement and school administrators of the emergency with GPS location.
  • Discreet communication between all security personnel, a select group of people, or individuals.
  • Instant communication for fast-response situations.
  • The ability to coordinate with other security personnel to maximize the safety of students and staff.
  • Available accessories that keep communications private.

Of course, active shooter situations aren’t the only emergencies that occur in schools. Push to talk can be instrumental in dealing with medical emergencies, weather emergencies, fires, and countless other situations where fast action and effective communication are equally critical.

Push to Talk for School Security in Non-Emergency Situations

Whether you’re coordinating rounds and patrols during the school day, dealing with traffic after football games, graduation, and other school events, or you’re dealing with the daily grind of managing rowdy students, PTT services allow your officers to deliver status reports, provide security updates, and send important messages and alerts with the push of a button.

You can even bring your teachers into the circles of improving school safety by equipping them with PTT communications as well, allowing them to provide important security updates in an instant so everyone is up-to-date on what is going on inside classrooms, in the hallways, and more.

With safety and security a top priority for school administrators everywhere, the decision to provide school security with push to talk radios is one that comes easy – especially when considering the low costs of incorporating them and the value they add to your security protocols.

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