How Educators Can Improve School Safety for Students

Student safety is a primary concern for educators across the board. No educator wants to see harm come to the students under their charge. In a world with increasing distractions and risks around every corner, small steps to improve school safety can have huge impacts on safety for everyone.

One thing we know for sure is that there will always be room for safety. One area where many schools can quickly improve safety for everyone is with push to talk two-way radios from Peak PTT. These are just a few reasons why.

Instant Communication in the Heart of a Crisis

Communication is critical for ensuring safety of students. Whether you’re monitoring school bus activity at the end of the school day or directing traffic after an evening event, like a football game, the ability to communicate instantly can prevent major incidents from occurring.

When a crisis is occurring at a school, like a fire, lockdown, or student injury of any kind, PTT two-way radios give educators the ability to instantly broadcast emergency messages so an appropriate response can be coordinated. When seconds matter, instantaneous communication promised by push to talk two-way radios is essential.

Extended Battery Life

For some educators, the day begins long before the first student arrives on campus and ends long after they’ve gone home for the day. The batteries in their radios need to last as long as they do without giving up the go. Modern two-way radios offer long-lasting batteries as well as backup batteries and on-the-go charging to keep the lines of communication open throughout the school day and beyond.

Easy to Use in a Crisis

Unlike cell phones that require dialing specific numbers, push to talk two-way radios require the pressing of a single button in order to facilitate communication when a crisis occurs. There are even options for discrete communications so educators can convey suspect behaviors or report suspicious packages without giving away what they are discussing or having third parties listening in.

Coordinate Efforts

The other beauty of push to talk two-way radios for school safety is the ability it creates to coordinate efforts and responses to evolving situations without playing games of phone tag or leaving some individuals in the dark. The more credible, real-time information available, the more accurate and coordinated responses become.

Peak PTT is here to help you improve school safety so your students can learn with fewer fears for their safety in their hallowed halls of learning. Let us work with you to create an effective communications solution for your school with student safety first and foremost in mind. Call us today at Call: 855-600-6161.

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