10 Reasons More Businesses are Choosing PTT Two-Way Radios Over Personal Cell Phones in the Workplace

More and more businesses are making the move to PTT, or push to talk, two-way radios rather than personal cell phones. Some say it’s a surprising decision, but it can make a huge difference for the sake of your business. These are just a few of the many reasons why businesses are making this choice.

  1. Durability. There are various two-way radios on the market, many of them built with high IP ratings to survive drops, spills, and even total submersion. Most modern cell phones can’t handle this kind of abuse.
  2. Reduce or eliminate app distractions. Apps abound on mobile phones today. There is little businesses can do to limit the number or types of apps available on cell phones personally owned by employees. However, when using PTT two-way radios, businesses can choose which apps are available on their devices, limiting them to apps associated with safety and productivity.
  3. Ease of communication. Two-way radios provide far more options for communicating than the average cell phone. First, you can communicate with all employees with the touch of a single button. You may also elect to communicate with a smaller group of people or a single person.
  4. Instantaneous communication. Unlike mobile phones, which require someone on the other end to answer for you to get the message, PTT two-way radios provide opportunities for you to share your message instantly. This eliminates endless hours of phone tag or serious concerns about text message or email delays. Two-way radios allow for instant communication and instant response.
  5. Better security. Cell phones operate on public networks, which are notorious for security vulnerabilities. That isn’t the case with two-way radios, which operate on closed networks, ensuring greater privacy for your communications needs.
  6. Sound enhancing features. Digital two-way radios and PTT accessories come equipped with features that enhance the sound of your voice while filtering out noises in the background. Whether you’re operating heavy equipment, working on factory floors, or operating your radios in a crowd of people, you should be able to hear your messages crystal clear.
  7. Avoid blurred lines between business and personal use. Using employee owned cell phones rather than business owned PTT two-way radios can get tricky when you’re worried about things like device security, data breaches, and the actual loss of the device itself.
  8. Affordability. It is less expensive to buy PTT two-way radios than to buy cell phones, and also to replace them. Combine that with the monthly operational expenses for two-way radios being considerably lower and you can enjoy considerable savings for your business organization.
  9. Instant communication. The one-touch ease of PTT two-way radios is worth a mention in its own right. Not only is it easy to use and operate, but the communication takes place immediately. No more endless rounds of phone tag. PLUS, you can send a single message to everyone within your organization rather than being forced to contact each person individually.
  10. DOT compliance. For businesses who have workers on the roads all the time, cell phones can be a tricky proposition for relaying vital information. Not so, with PTT two-way radios that currently comply with DOT regulations.

Don’t work with the reasons other businesses make the move to PTT two-way radios.

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