Solution to Email Overload: Push to Talk Two-Way Radios

According to MediaPost, nearly 74 percent of all consumers admit to being overwhelmed by the sheer volume and frequency of the emails they receive. The problem with this is that important emails sometimes get overlooked or even missed in the onslaught of daily emails people receive. While you can’t eliminate email fatigue and overload for all your employees, you can limit the number of important emails, from within your organization, that get missed by employees by making an important switch to push to talk two-way radios.

How Can Push to Talk Two-Way Radios Help?

Rather than functioning as another tool for email, two-way radios offer the ability to share voice and other data through the device itself. With the right two-way radio, your employees can send and receive the following:

  • Images
  • Data (in the form of text messages)
  • Voice Messages

The beauty of these messages, coming in via two-way radio, is that they do not become lost in a tidal wave of daily emails. In other words, they stand out.

You can even take things one step further by reducing the number of messages sent and received by using the push to talk feature that allows you to talk to everyone at once. No email required. In fact, your employees can hear your message on the go and mentally file away the information without having to break their stride in the least.

After all, the key is to reduce the number of emails employees receive while ensuring that the information you need them to have is delivered to them promptly and effectively.

Benefits Beyond Email Overload Relief

There are benefits of push to talk two-way radios in the workplace that extend far beyond the idea of reducing the email fatigue employees often experience in a regular day. The ability to communicate freely and instantaneously while on the move is a huge benefit. It allows more to get done in less time and keeps employees and management on their toes.

Top it off with the fact that communication is immediate with push to talk communication and there is a lot to love about this tool for communicating with employees. All you have to do is push a singe button and you are free to communicate with a single member of your team, a small group within your organization, or your entire company at once.

Not quite sure how to make push to talk two-way radios work within your organization? Contact Peak PTT today by calling 855-600-6161 or completing our online form to learn about the many ways you can use PTT radios for greater efficiency, to end email overload, and to accomplish more within your days.

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