What’s Included When You Invest In the Peak PTT 4G Push to Talk Over Cellular Radio?

By now you’ve learned the benefits push to talk (PTT) communication has to offer your business or organization. Now it’s time to choose the radio that works best for your people in the field to use.

The Peak PTT 4G LTE radio has a lot to offer your organization no matter what industry you operate in. These are some of the features included in your Peak PTT 4G Push to Talk.

GPS Tracking

GPS tracking is one of the most invaluable tools available to businesses who have people working in the field or out of the office today. With the Peak PTT-84G Radio, you get access to the exclusive Peak PTT GPS Tracking Portal.

This portal is exclusive for Peak PTT customers and not available with any other company. Our GPS tracking featured include device locations updated every 60 seconds, device tracking for up to 90 days in the past, geo-fencing, and SMS notifications for specified status reports.

SOS Button

In addition to instant communication, the PTT-84G radio also offers the convenience and safety of an instant emergency notification system that alerts everyone to the details of the emergency and the location of the emergency with the pressing of a single button. This aids in the dispatch of the appropriate emergency service providers to the scene.

Included Tools and Accessories

Of course, there are certain items that come with your Peak PTT radio to ensure that it operates effectively. These tools include:

  • Your new Peak PTT-84G radio
  • A belt-clip for convenient carrying
  • One rechargeable battery
  • Charging station for keeping your radio charged
  • A power cord for your charging station
  • A 12-month limited warranty

The rechargeable 5200 mAh battery offers 42 hours of standby time and between eight and 12 hours of usage (depending on how heavily the battery is used during this time). The battery may be charged with a vehicle lighter adapter. The 12 VDC car charger is not included with your radio but is available to purchase.

Other available accessories include:

Peak PTT offers many accessories and features to help you maximize your communication efficiency. We believe our service can help you improve communication in every industry.

Contact us here at Peak PTT today to learn more about our products, accessories, and service and what they can mean for your organization. Call 855-600-6161 or chat with us via our Live Support Chat.

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