Tips to Implement Push to Talk Two-Way Radios in Your Business

Implementing push to talk, or PTT, two-way radio communication in your business is one of the most effective things you can do for facilitating effective communication between workers on your property and out in the field.

PTT communication offers a variety of benefits, including:

  • Instant voice communication
  • Location monitoring
  • Secure communication
  • Clear voice transmissions
  • Emergency alert notifications

And it does it all with an easy-to-use system that leverages the power of cellular data and/or wi-fi networks to deliver crystal clear voice transmissions via the Internet. Because voice messages can be delivered and received with the touch of a button, it eliminates the need for or risk of employee texting and driving, improving safety on the road as well.

Two-way radio communication works wonders in a variety of industries, including:

Now that you know many of the ways PTT communication benefits business, it’s time to explore ways to implement two-way radios into your business.

Educate Your Employees

Two-way radios have many features that may be unfamiliar with your employees. Adequate training needs to be provided before turning your people loose in the fields. They need training about the following:

  • Two-way radio features
  • Programmable buttons on their radios
  • Emergency features/panic buttons on their radios
  • How to use their radios to communicate with groups, and one-on-one
  • How to care for their radios when not in use

Not only do your employees need to be trained in how to use their equipment effectively, but also in who to go to, within your organization, whenever there are problems with the equipment, technical issues, lost equipment, stolen equipment, damaged equipment, etc.

Facilitate Use of Equipment

The easier you make it for your employees to use new equipment, the more likely it becomes they’ll embrace the new equipment without reverting back to old communications standards they are more familiar, and comfortable, with. Install mounting clips near vehicle steering wheels where radios can be placed and used while driving. Consider Bluetooth headsets to reduce possible distracted driving issues.

Implementing push-to-talk radios in your business, is easier than you might realize. Once the newness of the equipment wears off and employees grow accustomed to using their equipment, you’ll probably wonder how you ever got along without it.

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