Push to Talk (PTT) for Drivers

Innovative technology in the form of push to talk, or PTT, is transforming the transportation industry. It’s doing this by creating a safer environment for drivers of all types on the roads today. Not just the ones on your payroll.

Push to talk technology has grown by leaps and bounds since the 1990s. Today, it offers communications options that are highly effective, easy to use, and that promote safety.

These are a few benefits your drivers and your entire organization may appreciate about push to talk technology.

Noise Cancelling Technology

When you consider that drivers face numerous distractions both visual and auditory, crystal clear communication ensures they get the messages they need so they can stay on task and on target to meet their goals and complete their routes. It also means they don’t have to worry about rain, cabin noise, road noise, traffic noise or other things that might distort their outgoing messages or make it challenging to hear their incoming messages.

Instant Communication

The fact that one button is all that is required to initiate communication allows drivers to convey status updates, send reports, and notify others of emergencies with the pressing of a single button. Emergencies happen on the road all the time, for drivers to have the ability to notify you in an instant when they occur is a huge weight off their minds, your mind, and the minds of their loved ones at home.

GPS Location

The real-time GPS locating and tracking of drivers means you can monitor their progress and the status of the cargo they carry from your computer. This ability helps you know that drivers are not deviating from their prescribed courses or allows you to seek an explanation when they do. It also helps you choose alternate routes when roadblocks, traffic jams, and other hazards send them on an unexpected detour.

It enables you to locate drivers quickly and send emergency responses when emergencies arise. Whether it’s a mechanic and another team to make deliveries or an emergency response team, you want to offer coordinates as precise as possible and PTT allows you to do just that. And through dispatch software, you can set alerts, geo-fencing boundaries and more.

Eliminate Texting While Driving and Comply with DOT Requirements

We all know texting while driving is a lethal combination. Push to talk walkie-talkie radios instantly removes this temptation and liability. Peak PTT radios, in fact, are a communication device that meets DOT compliance requirements.

Cost Effective

Here’s one benefit of POC you are sure to appreciate as well: cost-effectiveness. Where other communications systems may require each individual to purchase and maintain expensive cellphones or land mobile radio systems and maintain, Peak PTT offers for drivers offers several cost-effective solution platforms.

Here at Peak PTT, we will be happy to discuss the nuts, bolts, dollars, and cents of our push to talk service and how it can benefit your business if you contact us today at 855-600-6161.

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