What to Know About Push to Talk Two-Way Radio Chargers

Two-way radios are only of use to business organizations when they are sufficiently charged to do what is needed of them. Because of this, two-way radio chargers are just as important to consider when buying a communications system for your business as the radios themselves. You will find there are a variety of options available for charging your radios and some may be a better match for your needs.

Single Radio Desktop Chargers

If each employee has his or her own designated workspace, these chargers are ideal for helping all your employees take ownership of keeping their two-way radios charged throughout their shifts. Each charger can charge one radio at a time by placing the radio into the desktop charging base. Peak PTT currently offers two single radio desktop chargers to meet your needs:

  1. PTT-84G Desktop Charger. For use with the PTT-84G radio.
  2. PTT 584G Desktop Charger. For use with the PTT 584G radio.

Each one is an excellent choice for the radios they are designed to work with and can help you maintain a steady charge on your two-way radios.

Multiple Radio Chargers

Multiple radio charging stations can be used to charge multiple radios at once. Charing is a simple matter. All you need to do is rest the radio in the appropriate dock and charging begins instantly. The benefit of multiple radio charging stations is that you can charge multiple radios while using only a single outlet. Other benefits include the ability to make sure all radios are returned to the station when not in use. Peak PTT currently offers two different multiple radio chargers.

  1. PTT 584G Multi-Charger. Charging station that can accommodate up to six radios simultaneously.
  2. PTT 394 Multi-Charger. Charging station capable of charging up to eight radios at the same time.

Depending on the size of your crew and the number of people on your staff using PTT two-way radios, you may need to order several of these charging stations to accommodate the needs of all the men and women who work for you in a single shift.

Keep in mind that if you have people working different shifts, some radios can be charging while others are in use. This means you may not need a “slot” for every worker in order to keep your radios sufficiently charged and in a rotation for use.

Peak PTT has a wide range of products and accessories to help you get more mileage from your two-way radios. Contact us today with your questions and concerns about keeping your two-way radios charged and ready to go for whatever your days throw your way. 855-600-6161

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