Push to Talk Two-Way Radios for Fish and Game Staff

Fish and game staff cover a lot of ground on any given day. Whether your people are in the field gathering information on wildlife and fish populations, investigating accidents that occur while people are hunting or fishing, or patrolling assigned routes to ensure there are no violations of hunting laws or risky behaviors going on in popular hunting and fishing areas, they are out and about and may need to be able to communicate freely with others along the way.

These are just a few of the reasons why two-way push to talk radios are ideal for fish and game staff in the office and on the go.

Report Data Gathered in the Field Immediately

Push to talk two-way radios provide options for voice and data transmissions, allowing your people in the field to report their findings quickly and effectively before moving on to their next tasks for the day. When investigating critical situations, like an unexplained instance of all fish in a lake dying at once or poisoned wildlife, fast access to the information is critical.

GPS Location Tracking

Whether your people are transmitting data, providing status reports, or reporting emergencies, the GPS tracking capabilities of two-way push to talk radios offers a wide range of benefits that can save lives, coordinate information gathering efforts, and help you keep your staff appropriately dispersed between the wide areas of real estate you’re responsible for protecting.

Promptly Relay Warnings and Details

Sightings of particularly dangerous wildlife in areas frequented by families and children can be critical for maintaining safety and security for the people in the area as well as the wildlife. Two-way radios allow users to report location-specific information about sightings of mountain lions, bears, and more without reporting back to headquarters to send the message out.

Provide a Lifeline for Game and Fish Officials Injured in the Line of Duty

Thanks to apps that can be added to two-way radios, like Man Down, Lone Worker, and simple panic buttons, a signal can be sent when your people are injured in the wilderness they protect. Despite extensive training and the greatest of caution, injuries and accidents occur. Two-way radios are equipped with GPS location tracking and voice communication so they can offer details of the event if they are conscious and location information if they are unable to respond so help can arrive.

Peak PTT two-way radios are rugged and offer a real lifeline for your game and fish staff in the field as well as tactical advantages that help them perform their daily tasks more effectively and efficiently. Peak PTT can help you choose the right radios to meet the needs of your team today. Call us today. 855-600-6161

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