Push to Talk Radios for Security Guard Companies

Security guard companies have important jobs to do. Not only are you responsible for helping to protect people who come and go, but also to protect property, guests, employees, and the buildings themselves. You need to be able to respond quickly in emergencies and to send and receive important information about suspicious people, suspicious packages, and other relevant information throughout your long shift.

These are all good reasons why push to talk radios an excellent choice for your security guard communication needs. But, what should you look for when choosing push to talk radios for security guard companies?

Durability is the Word of the Day

Your job isn’t exactly a walk in the park, even if you’re tasked with protecting a local park. Maybe Jurassic Park, but you’ll surely want to ask for hazard pay when tackling that one. The truth is that you may find your radio being put through the paces in the course of an average shift with some drops, chills, spills, being pushed around, and more. You need a radio that can stand up to your average day without missing a beat, like the PTT-584G rugged push to talk handset.

Made for the Elements

In addition to a rugged radio, you need one that is also practically immune from the elements. You never know what kind of weather conditions you’ll be working in from one night to the next. That means you need radios that can handle whatever the job, or Mother Nature, throws their way. Look for radios that have high IP ratings, the higher the better when it comes to resistance to wind-driven solids and liquids.

Long Range Communicators

Chances are good that your security guard company has contracts all over town. Perhaps even further away. You need radios that can go the distance with the men and women who work for you. Peak PTT offers nationwide coverage. Anywhere 4G is available, so is Peak PTT. Our devices even come equipped with 3G fallback in case there is ever a problem with the 4G network. That way, you have access to reliable communication wherever your people are in the country and never need to worry about them being out of range while on the job.

Your security guard company requires a lot from the people who work for you. You need men and women who are diligent, dedicated, and efficient. You also need a communications system that is equally so.

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