Push to Talk Two-Way Radios Support To-Go Restaurants

delivery drivers can benefit from push to talk

COVID-19 threw many restaurants in the lurch back in March when non-essential businesses throughout the country were called upon to shut their doors for 15 days to flatten the coronavirus curve. Here we are, months later and many restaurants around the country have yet to reopen fully as many states only allow them to offer to-go services. Some restaurant owners wonder if they will ever return to dine-in services.

You may feel as though it is difficult to remain competitive when you can only offer drive through meals. Fortunately, push to talk two-way radios can offer the support your restaurant needs to stand heads and shoulders above your competitors. These are a few ways push to talk two-way radios can help.

Streamlines Communication between Front of House and Back of House Staff

When people arrive to pick up their orders, it’s important to notify the expeditor of new arrivals in case their meals are in the final stages of preparation. That allows your staff to bring the meals right out so you can make timely deliveries of food. Push to talk two-way radios also allow effective communication if orders are incorrect and need to be remade “on the fly,” so your kitchen staff knows to hurry some orders along.

Allows Staff One-Touch Access to Management

There are times when the finesse and expertise of management is required to keep customers happy. While you always want to try to appease guests when possible, there are times when management needs to step in to handle matters, especially when it comes to things like violations of mask policies, displeased customers, or possible public relation issues. Using push to talk two-way radios prevents people from with walking through multiple work zones to find managers, helping to preserve social distancing.

Offers Personal Touch to Customers in an Impersonal World

One of the greatest challenges for restaurants (and all businesses, really) during COVID-19 has been to create a personal atmosphere for guests, even those waiting to pick up to-go orders while wearing face masks and maintaining adequate social distance. People are starving for personal touches. No matter how small. The efficiency with which push to talk two-way radios allow restaurants to operate, allows a little extra time to offer the personal word or smile that makes them feel welcome and appreciated during these troubling times for everyone.

COVID-19 is changing the way restaurants do business, Peak PTT can help you create a communications system for your business that allows you to adapt, overcome, and even excel in a mid and post-pandemic business climate. Review our push-to talk two way radio solutions, and give us a call at 855-600-6161 with any questions.